The Ridiculously Thorough Guide About Security Systems

Getting or having a security system can be a real-life saver, especially if you live in a “dangerous” neighborhood. However, I grew up in the Bronx, and we grew up without a security system, but we have never been robbed in our home. Nowadays, security systems are gaining traction more than ever because they are very affordable and provide a sense of security and comfort, be they real or fake. Before taking any decision about any home security system, do your due diligence and search what you are purchasing, and read those fine lines because this is how people get scammed. However, is it really worth it to get a home security system?



Before we start with the pros and cons of getting a home security system, let’s get to know some statistics about theft and security systems. These states may seem scarce, but they might help you decide whether or not to get a home security system. The following statics come from Basic Crime Facts & Statistics:

    • According to a recent FBI study, home security systems make your house 15 times less likely to get victimized
    • Houses without security systems are 2 to 3 times more likely to get burglarized
    • It takes the average burglar about 57 seconds to break into a house
    • In the past 10 years, burglary has dropped by 53%
    • 15% of American homes have home security systems
    • Daytime burglaries have increased by 47% in the US
    • 54% of home security owners are unsure how to operate their system
    • 67% of burglary use other entrances instead of the front door
    • 73% of burglars states that they would still rob a house even if it has an alarm
    • 85% of law enforcement officers believe that home security systems may help deter burglary attempts.
    • 86% of burglaries happen when people are at home
    • 88% of all burglaries are of residential properties
    • In 2008, the average amount of money lost per burglary was $2079, and this number is higher now

Pros of getting a home security system:


  1. Protection: they deter and prevent burglaries and can be used for so much more. With the evolution of technology, the security system today not only protects your home from thieves but also protects it from environmental problems like smoke, fire, or even flooding.
  2. Peace of mind: For many people, this is the primary reason to get a home security system; it allows you to monitor your home 24/7 even when you are not in the same geographical area as your home. It also notifies you anything there is anything wrong with your home, and this offers you a peace of mind when you are away traveling, be it for fun or for work. It protects your loved ones, your home, and everything valuable that is inside it. Even if someone breaks in, the security system is there to help law enforcement officers in their investigations.
  3. Save money: Getting a security system is a sound and significant investment in my books, and it may qualify you saving on your homeowner’s insurance. You can also save more money by using the smart thermostat and setting the temperature of your home as per your schedule. This saves you money because it downs your energy use, and you will see a drastic change in your electricity bills.
  4. Affordable: In the past decade or so, home security systems have become reasonably priced and are cheaper than you would expect. It is a good investment and is an affordable way to protect your home for its price.

Cons of getting a home security system:


  1. Cost: When you are buying a home security system, the first payment is generally a large one, but companies today offer credit options, and you can pay them in installments. The overall cost of a security system can be discouraging, even though security systems have been more affordable than they’ve ever been, and there is a security system out there that will fit your needs and budget.
  2. Accidentally setting off: If you accidentally set your alarm off, you will hear a loud and annoyingly loud siren, and you’ll have to enter your password within 60 seconds to disarm it and make the alarm stop.
  3. Getting contacted at night: Because home security services offer 24/7 services, this can mean that you can get a call in the middle of the night to make sure that the security system hasn’t been set off for the wrong reason. To avoid getting necessary calls, then you ought to be sure that the battery is always full in both the door sensor and control panel. Also, always remember to arm your system for it to work.

Personally, the advantages of owning a home security system trump the disadvantages, and if you won a home, then for your own safety, you should get one. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more about home security systems.

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