Home Security Statistics You Need To Know…

I guess that home security is important for almost everyone; you will want your family and valuable items to be safe. To make sure that you are protecting your family to the fullest, you should know the potential dangers hiding out there.

Here are some statistics that you need to know about home security that will be definitely useful:

We will begin with the most frequent crime you are most likely to be a victim of.

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  • Property Crime

Property crime accounts for 85 percent of all crime in the United States.

A property crime happened every 4.4 seconds in the United States in 2018.

In 2019, there were around 21 property offenses reported per 1,000 inhabitants.

In 2019, around 7 million property crimes were recorded, 4% less than in 2018.

In 2018, there were 24% fewer than in 2010.

In 2020, 18 percent of Americans said they had personally experienced property crime, and 42% believe it might happen to them.

Package theft is the most common type of property crime in the United States.

In 2019, $13.3 billion worth of goods were reported stolen, with 28.9% recovered.

  • Burglary Crime

Every day, more than 3,000 burglaries occur in the United States, totaling slightly over 1.1 million per year.

In 2018, a burglar struck once every 25.7 seconds in the United States, although there were 9.5 percent fewer burglaries in 2019.

The average monetary loss per burglary has grown from $2,316 in 2015 to $2,661 in 2019.

Only approximately 14% of all reported burglaries are solved by police, owing to a lack of witnesses or tangible evidence.

  • Violent Crime

In comparison to 2010, the number of violent offenses reported in 2019 is 3.8 % lower.

In 2019, nearly four violent crimes were reported per 1,000 people in the United States.

In 2020, 10% of Americans said they had personally experienced violent crime.

41% of Americans believe they may be the victim of a violent crime.

In 2018, a violent crime such as aggravated assault, murder, rape, or robbery happened every 26.2 seconds. 

In the United States, a robbery happens every 1.9 minutes.

While you won’t be able to solve every security problem, you should take every precaution possible to avoid these situations. For example, , most drivers do not lock their car when parking in the driveway, as they assume it is on their property. Thieves know this, and they will most certainly take advantage of this oversight to either steal the vehicle or its contents.

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Did you know that only 56 % of burglaries involved forced entries? This means that the other 44 % of homes with either an open door or window. You may want to install a smart lock that allows you to lock all your doors remotely and mitigate the risk of someone entering your property when you’re not around. 

When most people think that they can go around without locking their doors in the daytime, it is a myth. Most burglaries happen in the morning, between 10 AM to 3 PM. You should always be alert of the possible risk that you are exposed to when not locking your door.

Additionally, as mentioned above, most thieves target unattended packages on your doorstep, so whenever you are on holiday or traveling for work, you should stop your mail and ask your neighbor, or even a nearby family member to watch your home from time to time.

According to statistics, the most prevalent home security measures are security cameras, dogs, and firearms. Even though Americans are fully aware of the rising crime rate, protection measures have decreased by 6 %. Almost 40 % of U.S residents do not use any type of home security.

Home security is more important now than ever. People are becoming more violent these days, and theft with violence is increasing daily. You do not want you or your family to be the next victim; take the necessary actions. Let us know in the comments what you think about these statistics…

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