Smart Tips to Keep Your Home and Family Safe During the Holidays

A lot of things might have considerably changed with the Covid-19, but the holiday feelings remain the same.

After a long and stressful year, holidays shine a light on our lives – bringing out our most positive feelings, igniting excitement sparks and tapping into our happy emotions. After all, spending more time with your close ones, traveling, relaxing and enjoying the holiday season are the best defenses against the darkness of negative emotions that’s grown into your heart for a year.

However, while you might be spending the most beautiful and magical time of the year with your family, thieves might be targeting your home.

It’s really unfortunate to even think that bad guys are on the look out for your house during the merrier and brighter days of the year. So, if you want your home to be safe from intruders, make sure you follow these tips.

#1. Keep All Your Travel Plans as Private as Possible

Keep All Your Travel Plans as Private as Possible

It’s completely normal to crave traveling during holiday seasons. But, no matter when or where you go, you need to refrain from telling everyone about your traveling plans.

There’s no better example than the McCallister family in Home Alone.

Do you still remember how the story opens with the family making their very first mistake by sharing every single detail of their vacation to the “so-called officer” (who is actually Harry Lyme, a burglar in disguise)?

Kevin’s mother not only informs the burglar that they will be spending Christmas in Paris, but that they will be departing first thing in the morning. Without forgetting Peter McCallister, who also shared some of the measures they took, such as halting the mail, installing locks on doors, and setting automated lights on timers.

I’m not saying that a burglar will show up at your door disguised as a cop (though don’t discount out the idea). However, try not to disclose your vacation intentions with others. For instance, posting when you’ll be leaving or where you’ll be going represent prime information for home intruders, letting them know when your residence will be empty.

#2. Always Ask Your Neighbors’ Help

Always Ask Your Neighbors’ Help

Not every neighbor is nosy Gladys Kravitz (Who is she, you ask? Watch Bewitched and you’ll know).

There might be a few trusted neighbors on whom you could rely for the safety of your house.

If you have at least one eagle-eye neighbor who will look after your house, pick up your mail and report any suspicious movement, chances are potential home intruders might be spotted and caught by the authorities.

#3. Invest in a Good Home Security System

Invest in a Good Home Security System

Whether you are planning to spend your holiday in another country or in a nearby town, leaving your house alone without a home security system is a really, really bad idea.

It’s true that holidays can overwhelm you so much that you might forget about what’s critical, but investing in a fully efficient security alarm system can deter crimes and burglaries.

Oh and please don’t be such a miser – we are no longer living in the 1950s and today reliable and high-quality home security systems can be bought at very reasonable prices.

#4. Notify the Police to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Notify the Police to Protect Your Home While Traveling

Some experts highly recommend informing the authorities when you are out of town and requesting their help in keeping an eye on your property.

This is usually done by submitting a form, filling in information like for how long you’ll be gone.

However, this doesn’t completely erase the possibility of your house being broken into. Plus, don’t forget the “police-disguise drama” in Home Alone.


For more tips on how to keep your home-sweet-home safe during the holidays, come back for part 2.







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