Weirdest Things That Thieves Love To Steal In A House

Nobody likes to get their things stolen. It’s not only a financial pressure, but also plain annoying. Which is why we always try to do our best in stacking our smartphones, cash and jewelry in a safe place. But, while you’ve locked your precious family heirlooms in safe, your Nutella is lying unprotected in the fridge. And, while you’ve got your eyes glued to your brand new iPhone, someone may sneak in your house and steal…laundry detergents?

Most of the time, people expect burglars to target valuable items such as electronics, pieces of jewelry and designer clothing. No one gives a second thought to their stock of cheese, pregnancy tests or allergy medicines. Yet, the world can testify to the incidents of these unusual kinds of thefts.

The first theory proposed is kleptomania, a mental health condition that urges a person to steal items that they don’t really need and that have little monetary value. I guess that might explain the theft of Napoleon’s Penis, right?

Another possible explanation goes to the hidden value of these items. Stealing catalytic converters might sound weird, but thieves might rejoice over the money recovered from the platinum.

Now, some items might be reasonable enough, but what about those that defy all common sense?

Let’s have a look!

 #1. Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Tests

Surprisingly, as per the NRF, pregnancy tests are the most commonly shoplifted items.

Well, logic says that young thieves may steal pregnancy tests to avoid the embarrassment of buying them, but that’s no excuse for barging in the house of people.

However, some experts claim that these tests are being stolen by members of organized crime groups for their resale values.

#2. Allergy Medicines

Allergy Medicines

A 2013 crime report conducted by the NRF reveals that the theft of allergy medicines by organized retail crime gangs has increased quite significantly. Part of the reason for this weird theft might be attributed to the consistently high demand for the product, given the fact that many, if not most, people today suffer from allergies.

I guess it explains why an old couple always stores allergy medicines along with their family jewelry.

#3. Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent

Housewives are not the only ones to discover the real value of laundry detergent. Apparently, thieves have too.

This common household product, which is relatively expensive if you go by today’s market prices, can be found in nearly every house – which is half the reason why it’s so appealing as a stolen item.

Again, the consistent demand for the product makes it so easy to be sold and traded on a regular basis.

So, maybe you should forget your designer watch for a while and focus more on your laundry detergent. What say?

#4. Nutella


“11,000 pounds of Nutella, worth around $20,000, was stolen from a freight truck in Germany in 2013. Thieves in Germany stole cartons of famous hazelnut spread from a truck and loaded them into their own vehicle.”

Wait, thieves?? NO WAY…the incident clearly shouts that it was the work of foodies! More precisely, chocolate foodies!

So, you’ve got the message: From now on, Nutella stays under the bed and not in some random cupboard in the kitchen!

#5. The Grass In Your Lawn

The Grass In Your Lawn

I beg your pardon?

“A Canadian mom went on vacation with her four kids and when she returned back home, she was welcomed by a disconcerting sight: All the grass from her front yard was stolen and nothing but dirt was left behind.”

Not even the grass in your yard is safe from burglars!

#6. Dog Poop

Dog Poop

I can understand stealing pregnancy tests. I can sympathize with people stealing Nutella. I can even imagine people stealing grass from a yard. But dog poop?? Like seriously? What are you going to do with it? Make a stew? (Eww, I know!)

#7. Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter Books

I don’t know if such an incident has taken place yet, but just to say if I come across a home with these precious gems, I won’t hesitate to um, “borrow” them for a little while.






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