What Do You Do in Case of a Fire in Your Home?

What Do You Do in Case of a Fire in Your Home?

A fire occurs every 2 minutes in Canada. It is therefore essential to know how to prepare for this type of disaster.

Few people know it, but the most common cause of death is smoke inhalation.

If a fire breaks out and there is no smoke yet, you can try to put out the fire. If smoke is already present, evacuate the area as quickly as possible.

You must react very quickly when a fire breaks out. However, to have good reflexes, you must, first of all, remain calm.

What do you do in case of a fire in your home? Follow our advice to make sure you are safe.

How to react to a fire in a house?

To fight a fire, you have to react very quickly. But if the fire is too big, you should stop trying to put it out. In these cases, have the right reflexes:

– Immediately gather all the people who live in the house, especially children and the elderly.

– Leave the premises quietly. If the electric meter or gas valve is safely accessible, turn on the main circuit breaker or close the gas valve in the house.

– Call or have someone call the fire department by dialling 911 on your cell phone.

– Wait for help to arrive and do not go back into the house under any circumstances.

Please note: many fires occur in the forest; if your home is near a wooded area, you can refer to the different steps below to know what to do in case of a fire.

How to respond to a fire in a building?

Fire in Your Home

Occasionally, a fire may break out in a building. If the fire is above your home and the hallways are not smoky, immediately leave your building by taking the stairs and calling for help. Do not use the elevator, and do not jump out of the window!

If the fire is on your landing or a lower floor, follow these steps:

– Touch your front door. If your front door is hot, the flames are not far away. Please do not open it, as it protects you from the spread of smoke and heat.

– If you can turn off the electricity and gas.

– Gather the household in a room that faces the front of the building, close to a window.

– Put a thick, damp cloth at the bottom of the door to keep the smoke out.

– Spray the front door with water to make it more resistant. A damp apartment door can resist fire for half an hour.

– Call for help.

– Lie down on the floor if the smoke enters the apartment. That’s where the freshest air is.

– Cover your nose and mouth with a damp towel to help you breathe.

– Wait for help.

– When the firefighters arrive, make big gestures out the window to signal your presence.

Be careful: when you call the fire department, do so with a cell phone and keep it with you. The fire cuts off the electricity most of the time, and the landline telephone no longer works.

A fire in your apartment

If you notice a fire in your apartment:

– If you don’t see smoke, try to put out the fire.

– If you see smoke:

◦ Close the door to the burning room.

◦ Leave your home by closing the front door, so you do not spread the smoke.

◦ Take the stairs and, as you go down, knock quickly on doors and yell fire to warn your neighbours.

◦ Get out of your building.

◦ Call the fire department at 911.

◦ If the flames have hit you, treat your burns.

Materials for what to do if there is a fire in your home

Fireproof blanket

From $20

Smoke detector

Starting at $10

Fire extinguisher

Starting at $30

Important Phone Numbers and Websites

To report a power outage,

If you suspect a gas leak (smell of rotten eggs),


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