Safe: How To Hide It Well?

The safe allows you to hide valuable objects and cash. But to optimize its security, it is imperative to put it in a safe place. Indeed, burglars often target homes that have one. The trick is, therefore, to embed your safe in a discreet way and in a discreet place. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know about owning a safe.

Protect your valuables from view


This device is the ideal way to keep all your valuables safe. Whether it is administrative documents, family files, land titles, jewelry, money, gold, watches, or other things, the safe allows you to hide them.

The installation of such a device also helps to thwart theft attempts, thanks to its strength. But it is not necessary to neglect how to hide it. There are simple tricks that can save time while delaying burglars who want to access your safe. However, the best solution is to choose a place that is out of reach.

Choosing a safe location based on how you use it

Most people who use a safe are often faced with a problem: how to find a place that is not easily accessible, discreet, and, above all, practical? The solution to this dilemma depends on your answers to the following questions:

  • What items will you put in the safe?
  • How many times a day, week, or month will you need to access it?

If the safe is intended to hold cash

If the device is intended to keep cash, it is strongly advised to place it in a place that is easy to access but less visible. You should therefore opt for a built-in model.

If the device acts as a jewelry box


If your goal is to hide your jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, or watches, make sure the location is easy to access. This is because these items may be worn several times a week. This means that the owner can decide if they want to prioritize the availability or security of the safe.

Invest in something heavy

If anchoring your safe is essential, investing in something heavy is equally important. A heavy safe adds another layer of security in two main ways. First, the heavier your safe is, the harder it is to move. A heavy safe cannot be stolen or moved as easily.

This means that it will stay in the place where you put it. Another reason a heavy safe is better is that the heavier it is, the more steel is used in its construction. A heavy safe is almost always a thicker safe. Remember that the sides and back of a safe are the weakest parts?

The thick steel on the sides makes it incredibly difficult to break through any part of the safe. Although moving the safe may be a difficult task for you at first, it will pay off in the long run because it will be just as difficult for anyone else to move the safe.

The best places to hide your safe


The right place to hide a safe is not always the place you think. The safest place in the house is often an unusual and unexpected place where burglars will not have the time or the idea to search. In any case, thieves will not take much time to carry out their attack, so they will not search every room in the house.

If they have come into your home to steal your jewelry, they will never go looking for it in your children’s bedroom. Burglars will probably say, “What person would hide their valuables in their baby’s private room?” So this is the best place to hide the safe. The same is true for rooms outside the house. A thief will never expect your safe to be in the shed or garage.

Places to avoid to hide the safe


For optimal security of your valuables and, therefore, your safe, it is strongly advised against hiding them in your living room, in the master bedroom, and especially in the bathroom. Why not? Because these are the first places in your home that criminals will search during a burglary. Also, avoid hiding the safe behind your bedroom mirror. This will only increase the chance that thieves will find it.

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