Garage Door Automation for a Safer Home

The automation of garage doors enables the door to be moved with the use of remote control. It raises the same concerns as gate motorization. This element of home automation, which provides comfort and security, can be installed by you by following some useful guidelines in this post.

Garage door automation: transforming the existing

You can easily find automation kits, but they must correspond to your needs. If your garage door is overhead or less than 2.20 m high (overhanging or semi-overhanging), it will help to choose a chain system. The worm gear system (rack and pinion) will do if your door is sectional or higher than 2.20 m. And, because of their price, the arm motors are reserved for high-end installations.

An automatic system for a door that opens in complete safety

The automation must not only be adapted to the type of garage door and its trimming, but it must also be easy to use without harming yourself or others.

Therefore, you must be sure that you have the necessary space around the door to install the various accessories and that their use will be safe. In any case, install an external light signal indicating the opening of the door. This is especially important if the door opens directly onto a sidewalk.

The different types of garage door automation

If you wish to motorize your garage door, you should know that the following equipment is compatible with all types of motors.

For interior automation

These controls are suitable for use in both individual and collective housing.

The push-button: opening of the garage door by pressing a button;

The wall control: opening of the door and control of the lights and other options.

For outdoor automation

Here you have the code box for the door opening with a personal code and a key box for door opening with a key. The box is fixed outside the garage and allows its opening and closing, and it is not remote controlled. These boxes are especially well-suited for collective housing and can also be used for individual housing, though less common.

Remote control automation

The remote control automation allows opening a garage door without getting out of the vehicle.

The remote control, coupled with the receiver, controls the motor and thus opens and closes the garage door from a vehicle. The receiver, a box located near your garage door, receives the signal from the remote control and causes the door to open or the lights to come on. The optional antenna increases the range of the remote control to open and close the door from a greater distance.

These remote control automation are suitable for both collective and individual housing.

Automating a garage door alone: a challenge!

Garage Door Automation for a Safer Home

It is critical to plan your layout carefully if you want your automated garage door to move smoothly.

A well-done installation often implies either a technical feasibility study or the direct intervention of a professional.

Make sure you have photos of the garage door, its surroundings, and its dimensions before making the rounds of existing equipment or professionals. If your door is recent and comes from a known equipment manufacturer, also note the model.

In any case, the masonry must guarantee an extremely reliable and resistant anchoring. Pulling (lifting) or pushing (lowering) generates peak forces that can be very important.

The “do it yourself” approach

If you choose to install your automation yourself, you must respect a few principles. First of all, it is essential to read the entire technical manual once. Then, identify the different elements of the kit.

The distances indicated must be strictly observed. The kit components must be placed and fixed on perfectly flat surfaces. If necessary, carry out masonry repairs beforehand and follow the drying times before starting work again.

Also, observe the indicated positioning in the various axes. A variation of a few millimetres can lead to forceful operation and rapid deterioration or even blockage.

Advantages and disadvantages of a garage door automation

If the advantages are real and can go up to a high-end installation, one should not minimize the precautions.

An interior garage door automation allows you to open or close the garage door from the inside. On the other hand, this control inside makes it accessible to children, so it will help to place it at a height.

An automatic garage door opener offers the advantage of security: without a key or code, it is impossible to open the door. Moreover, several people can use it in the case of a residence.

The most significant advantage of a remote control operator is that it allows the garage door to be opened or closed without getting out of the vehicle, which can be very useful when the garage is located at the curb.

The only disadvantage is that these boxes require a certain margin distance in front of the garage door.

Tips for choosing

Ideally, an automated garage door should meet 2 major criteria. First of all, you should not neglect thermal and acoustic insulation to remain consistent with the environmental approach of home automation. Then, security must be a primary criterion of choice: pay attention to the security functions of the Canadian standard, in particular, the anti-intrusion lock and child safety.

Price of garage door automation

Prices for a basic do-it-yourself motorization kit range from $150 to $350 but count up to $1,000 for an arm motor. To buy a door + automation kit, you should plan on $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the door material (wood, PVC, aluminum) and the model.

If you wish to hire a professional, ask for a quote from at least three different installers and compare the prices and quality of the products installed. The cost will depend on the type of door you want or already have, the masonry or electrical work to be done, the motor model, as well as the possibility of connecting the unit to a centralized home automation system.

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