14 Affordable Tips to Secure Your Home When You Go on Vacation

Home security doesn’t always require sophisticated surveillance systems or fingerprint access. Some of the best ways to protect your home cost nothing more than thought and planning. In today’s article, we bring you some affordable tips for securing your home whenever you are away. Read on to learn more!

1.Post Your Pictures When You Are Back

Sharing your vacation photos can create more than envy and it could be a signal to potential thieves if they come to learn that your home is empty. If you must share what you do while away, do so privately with trusted family and friends.

2.Ask a Neighbour to Put On His Acting

If you plan to be on vacation, ask a neighbour to turn on the lights at night, park their car in your garage or in front of your house and pick up letters or packages to make it look like you’re there.

3.Do Not Leave Valuables and Keys Within Reach

Thieves often scan windows before choosing their targets. So don’t serve them on a platter!

4.Check Your Home Exterior for Easy Access

Homes often lack in security and have easy entry ways. So, it’s worth taking a close look at those security flaws and secure everything.

5.Lock Doors and Windows

Burglaries in Falmouth prompt police warning to lock doors | Falmouth Packet

This is so obvious that we usually don’t think about it and it is easy to forget about it. Every time you leave the house, make sure everything is locked.

6.Change Your Alarm Code Frequently

This way, if the code gets into the wrong hands, they won’t be able to use if for a long time.

7.Ensure Your Surveillance System Is Visible

The main function of a surveillance system is to deter thieves. So, if you’ve invested in a surveillance system with alarms and cameras, make sure it can be seen by placing the plaques that security companies usually provide in the most visible place outside. This can be more than enough to make thieves think twice about breaking into your home.

8.Secure Anything That Can Be Used to Break into Your Home

Thieves often use homeowners’ tools to do a burglary. If you have items that burglars could use to break into your home, such as a ladder, it’s a good idea to put them out of sight.

9.Keep Your Yard Organized

Not only will this be a sigh that you spend a lot of time at home, but it will also reduce the places thieves can hide.

10.Do an Inventory of Your Valuables

If you have a list of valuables that are likely to be stolen, in the worst case scenario, the police will know exactly what to look for.

11.Don’t Leave Your Spare Keys Outside

Thieves know where to look. If you’re worried about being locked out without keys, give a spare one to a trusted neighbour or bury it in a random spot in your yard – but don’t forget where!

12.Maintain Privacy

Privacy Window Treatments | Color Lux

Do everything you can to keep the inside of your home out of sight from the street. Pull down blinds, use heavy curtains or invest in blackout curtains. It is very important that no one can see when there is movement in your home or what items you might have.

13.Keep an Eye for Suspicious People

Thieves often roam around their potential victims’ house before they act. If you see someone who might be acting this way, take extra precautions and warn your neighbours as well.

14.Reinforce Your Door

Think about the possibility of reinforcing your doors with a double lock. As its name implies, it involves putting two independent locks on the front door of your house. Since this installation requires twice the effort to break, many crooks choose to bypass them.

There you are! The above were the affordable tips that you can use to secure your house when you are going away for vacation. What’s your best security tip you can share? Leave it in the comments below.

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