My Intercom Is Broken: What’s The Problem?

Compared to the doorbell, the intercom has much more advanced features. It generally makes it easier to identify people who wish to visit you. It also opens the door automatically. But sometimes, it does not work. In this case, it is necessary to determine the source of the problem and then find a solution.

What is an intercom?


It is also known as a video intercom. It is an internal wireless communication device with its own network system. It is often installed on the gate or in front of the entrance door of a building.

Nowadays, an intercom can be paired with smartphones. This device allows for remote control of the comings and goings of all visitors. Its installation allows operating the closing and opening of a door at the same time. Therefore, it is very practical, easy to use, and allows you to avoid moving to the door to open it.

The intercom: how does it work?

This system was born from the evolution of the design of the doorbell. This first one is designed not only to ring the doorbell but also to identify the person there and especially to communicate with him.

The intercom is often equipped with a security and alert system. It is also composed of a receiver and a transmitter (or board). It is, therefore, unnecessary to walk several meters or down the stairs to open the door because everything is done automatically.

The transmitter or board

This element is often installed outside the house because it allows visitors to converse with the owner. It is also equipped with a push-button that allows the person to signal his arrival.

The receiver


This one is to be installed inside the house because this component allows the owner of the house to converse with the visitor being in front of the entry door. In addition, the communication between the 2 people is done via a wireless or wired system.

What are the main causes of intercom malfunction?

As the intercom is made of many components, its malfunction can be caused by several factors. It is therefore imperative to know the real source of the malfunction. This will allow you to find a solution as quickly as possible. The problem often lies on:

1. The doorbell

If the bell of your intercom system is out of order, you should know that the batteries can cause this. Either they are dead, or they are incompatible with the installation. In this case, be sure to change them regularly.

2. The voice transmission circuit

Sometimes, the owner cannot hear the visitor, or conversely, the person in front of your door cannot hear you. In this case, the source of the problem is the voice transmission circuit. Indeed, it may be that it is defective. The deterioration of the electronic plate can also explain its malfunction. In any case, you must choose your intercom carefully and opt for a good quality part.

What solution is to repair your intercom?


You don’t have to be an electrical expert to repair your intercom successfully. If the problem is with the doorbell mechanism, you can simply repair the switch.

Nevertheless, you need to follow the repair steps, starting with disassembling the housing, to disconnect the cables. Then you need to clean the inner part of the doorbell. Finally, change the spring of the push button and the wire of this device.

An intercom is an excellent way to know who is coming to your home, and this allows you to let people in or ignore them if you don’t want them in. Sound off in the comment section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about intercoms.

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