Top 5 Interesting Facts Everyone Ought To Know About Burglaries

Owning a home is not something most of us enjoy having, and that means that if you have one, you need to keep it safe because it contains all of your valuable possessions. Your home is your safe space, and you don’t want someone to mess with it and ruin the sanctity of your home.

You can’t avoid or prevent burglaries, but you can do your best to make it difficult for burglars to break into your home. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog to learn more about some facts you need to know about the home security system.

1. Not all burglaries cases are solved


This is why I have my doubts about the law enforcement system of this country. The police in this country kill more unarmed people of color than it solves burglary, which is a sad reality that we need to face. According to studies, only 13% of all burglaries cases are solved. This means that a whopping 87% of burglary cases are left unsolved, yet our country spends around $100 billion on policing each year.

With this success rate, we may ask ourselves, what the hell are even law enforcement officers good for in this country this is one of the many reasons why people believe in ACAB (All Cops Are Bastard). The criminal justice of this country needs a reform badly, and instead of focusing on that, lawmakers are making the life of women and queer people harder.

In most cases of burglary, the police will ask you to file a report and will usually advise you to contact your insurance company and file any claims that you can at best. Because they can’t do their job properly, and this is why most break-in cases are usually left unsolved. In addition, most of them are difficult to track because they are one-time acts for burglars, and they can disappear easily.

2. They hate home security system

It is essential for you to know that 60% of burglars avoid homes that have smart security systems installed. This might be a given, but it is also true. It acts like a warning that deters most of them. You should ensure that your security system is also working soundly because the res, i.e., the 40% of burglars out there, assume that your security system isn’t working or armed properly.

Burglars tend to avoid homes that have home security systems, but a home without these is 300% more likely to be the target of thieves and burglars. This is why with this type of stuff, it is better to be safe than sorry, and having a sound and smart home security system means that you can sleep on both ears.

3. The majority of burglaries are planned and targeted wisely


It is important to know that rookies commit the majority of burglaries, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t plan this out in advance. According to studies and interrogations, most burglaries are planned ahead of time, and the perpetrators usually keep an eye on the residents’ homes for weeks or even months before committing the break-in.

They usually keep a record of the routine of the specific neighborhood but also of the residing members; with this, they plan or at least try to plan the best course of action. They plan out the break-ins to ensure that they are successful (though this isn’t always the case), and they have all the loopholes covered (again, not all the time).

4. They can enter through unlocked doors

Whether you live, please lock the door every time you leave your home. 30% of all burglars enter a home thanks to unlocked doors. Many burglars admit that this is an easy way to get into a home, more people than we want to believe, leave their homes without locking their doors, and this is something that more and more of us should be wary of. Let’s make the work of burglars harder by locking our doors.

5. Most break-ins happen during the day


There is a quite popular myth out there that makes us believe that most break-ins happen at night, but this isn’t necessarily the case. According to studies on the matter, about 65% of break-ins happen during the day, more specifically during the hours of 6 am to 6 pm. This is because most burglars try to avoid any encounters with homeowners.

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