5 Ways To Secure Your Office Premises

Office security is becoming increasingly important. About 40% of companies have to deal with office break-ins. Of course, you don’t want your valuables or essential data to be stolen, so you want to minimize this risk as much as possible. Trade secrets and privacy-sensitive information come to mind. There are several ways to protect your office space effectively. Here are some tips!

1) Keyless Access

Office security requires a different approach than home security. Many office spaces are inadequately secured, making it easy for criminals to gain entry. For example, many companies allow people to enter and exit without authorization quickly. For this reason, access control systems can be installed to enable people to enter by presenting a pass. However, this access pass is often not carefully controlled and misused.

The solution to this problem is keyless access, allowing people to enter an office using only their cell phones. Of course, this too can be abused. However, most people lock their cell phones (PIN, fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition), making them useless to criminals.

2) Hiring Security Guards

Surveillance services are often practical for businesses and apartment complexes. When adequately staffed and effectively utilized, security guards can serve as a deterrent against intruders, burglars, and vandals. Security guards make sense only if the area that needs to be monitored is large because of employees’ high cost and maintenance.

Security guards are human beings that greatly complicate the planning of vandalism and burglary. Guards can make it difficult for burglars to predict when and where to alter routes and routines.

You can contact Lite Security to learn about their high-quality training if you want to work as a security guard in a shopping mall, industrial site, or office building.

3) Burglar-proofing Office Windows and Doors

We recommend good hinges and locks on accessible windows and doors to prevent burglary. Ensure that office hinges and locks are professionally installed. This will ensure a delay of at least 3 minutes in the event of a break-in. As a result, the thief will give up and choose a more accessible office.

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4) Consider Cyber Security in the Office

A thief no longer has to be physically present to do significant damage to your organization. For example, you need to be aware of many cyber threats lurking around. Cyber attacks are attempts to attack computers, websites, servers, and other electrical devices. In doing so, they try to obtain personal information or disable your company’s computer systems that are out of communication.

Many companies often improve their cybersecurity only after having suffered significant losses due to cyber threats. Therefore, investing in cybersecurity in a way that they can afford to do so will ultimately save them a lot of money.

5) Installing Alarm Systems in Offices

In addition to keyless access and the use of superior hinges and locks, the purchase of an alarm system is also recommended. In the unlikely event that a thief attempts to break into an office, the alarm will sound, alerting the emergency center and passersby. Alarm systems will be beneficial in areas with many buildings and offices and where there is usually a lot of foot traffic.

When renting office space, building security levels should also be considered. For example, if an office building is already equipped with motion sensors and surveillance cameras, there is no need to make an extra investment for this purpose. There is no need to take risks, as it does not take much to protect an office space better after all.

How do you make sure your building is secured? Let us know in the comments below!

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