How to Secure Your Garden Shed

How to Secure Your Garden Shed


– Step 1: Quality equipment for enhanced security

– Step 2: Ultimate protection against intruders: the alarm

– Step 3: Deterrence: the best protection

In every garden, the shed has a special place. You can use it to store simple gardening tools and various technical objects of value or danger for children.

This is why it is essential to secure it and keep it without worries.

1. Quality equipment for enhanced security

secure your garden shed

Many pieces of equipment, adapted to all budgets, can be used to secure your garden shed.

Door protection

If you want to protect the shed optimally, the first step is to reinforce the solidity of the door the direct access of the place.

It is not necessary to go as far as choosing an armoured door, but it is still imperative that this access be strong enough to dissuade any ill-intentioned person.


The most common accessory to secure your door is, of course, the additional lock, which, thanks to its thickness, divides by two the risk of the door opening under blows.

You can also install a secondary lock for added security.

Window reinforcement

Another critical measure to secure the garden shed is to double the thickness of the windows, an ideal target for burglars.

It is then essential to opt for plexiglass. It will ensure that the windows are entirely reliable, whether against knocks or even possible noise pollution.

Good to know: count about $50 per m² for a sheet of transparent extruded Plexiglas.

2. Ultimate protection against intruders: the alarm

secure your garden shed

Suppose you want to protect your shelter as well as possible, mainly what it contains. In that case, you generally choose to invest in a high-performance alarm capable of detecting the slightest theft attempt.

Type of alarm

First of all, you have to choose the type of alarm you want to install. It can be:

– an integrated alarm, capable of detecting the use of a wrong key;

– a sensitive motion detector system: the alarm is connected to the lock, and it sounds as soon as a movement is detected inside the shelter while the door is locked.

Power supply

As the garden shed is often far from any source of electricity, the garden shed alarm models are battery-powered and controlled by remote control.

Expect to pay around $35 for a basic motion detector model with a 120 dB siren.

3. Deterrence: the best protection

secure your garden shed

As for most protections, the best one is the one that is not forced! It is then a question of dissuading the intruder from carrying out his break-in:

– Potential nighttime troublemakers will undoubtedly be surprised by an automatic light above your shed’s door or windows.

– If you have a dog, you should know that he is naturally a brake on bad intentions!

If you are going on vacation, think about notifying a neighbour who will come to maintain your garden and pick up your mail, as if you were still there! – The signs of absence encourage burglary.

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