Living Alone for the First Time: 7 Tips for Home Security

Having a house or an apartment all for yourself highlights how you’re now a grown-up and how independent you are.

But, moving out of the family home also means you are responsible for your own safety.

If you don’t want to end up wincing at the very little sound and hiding under the bedsheets, you can follow this easy guide for solo dwellers.

#1. Choose a Safe Apartment in a Safe Neighborhood

Choose a Safe Apartment in a Safe Neighborhood

When you are going through the process of choosing your apartment, safety should feature at the top of your list.

Experts always recommend giving a house or apartment a once over before moving in. For instance, doors should be in solid wood or metal, windows in strong and durable frame material and properly-lit walkways.

Any feature that looks shaky, inform the landlord right away.

But, when you talk about a safe home, a safe neighborhood should also be on your radar.

Choosing a friendly neighborhood with the lowest crime rate is a must, especially if you are a young single woman.

If studies, for example, establish Detroit as the crime heat center of America, I’m sure you won’t even consider that area.

#2. Get a Home Security System

Get a Home Security System

No matter how many measures you take, nothing can give you a 100 % protection. However, only home security systems can give a peace of mind to solo dwellers.

Unfortunately, many avoid this option, assuming that they are either unnecessary or too expensive. I guess, making this choice would prove that indeed “prevention is better than cure.”

Designed with simplicity to suit modern trends and technology, today’s home security systems are easy to use and leave your home completely protected. From alarms systems to cameras, motion detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, home security systems are easy to install and provide layers of detection and protection.

Now, if you have a tight budget, no need to go all high-tech and choose smart home security systems. Even the most basic ones can genuinely deter any home intruders and erase any possible harm.

#3. Securing Doors and Windows

Securing Doors and Windows

Burglars don’t need to break their heads looking for entry points when you leave your doors and windows unlocked. It’s worse when you are sleeping like a log, leaving all doors opened and indirectly granting access to home invaders.

Sounds funny, but I don’t think a burglary is something to be laughed at.

And please, kindly do yourself a favor and forget the old habit of leaving an extra key under an exterior rug or under a pot (remember, the burglar has something you called a “mind” too).

#4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Hmm…what if I’m an introvert or I don’t trust people easily?

It’s not like I’m asking you to become BFFs with your neighbors. But, a little chitchat now and then and some friendly gestures like some marriage gossip over a cup of tea, trust me, would come in handy in times of trouble.

And, who knows if a Gladys Kravitz (who is the patron of all nosy neighbors) might be your only source of help against home invaders?

#5. Establish an Exit Strategy

Establish an Exit Strategy

In cases when a simple burglar turns into a brutal home intruder, your only option is to run for your life. And, I meant it. Literally.

Living alone shouldn’t restrict you from planning emergency escape routes. It might be a simple emergency ladder or a secret path that leads to your back door.

#6. Never Make It Obvious That You Are Living Alone

Never Make It Obvious That You Are Living Alone

You are finally 20 or 25 and you are leaving your parent’s nest to live alone.

Great. Congratulations!

Does that mean announcing to the whole world that you are now living alone, posing as a temptation to burglars?

Posting such things on social media platforms will only put you at risk and make your home an easy target.

#7. Close the Curtains

Close the Curtains

It’s not only about who will dare to peek in but more about what can be seen from the exterior.

With lights on and curtains wide-opened, it can be very easy to notice that ultra-fancy Stuart Hughes TV.

How was your first-time experience living alone?

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