Should You Get Professional Monitoring?

Most home security comes with the option of having professional monitoring. Of course, this comes with a cost, usually a monthly fee depending on the agency. Some people prefer to go with self-monitoring, which is the most budget-friendly option as it is free. However, there are many disadvantages; let us discover why you should or shouldn’t get this service…

What Is Professional Home Security Monitoring?

What Is Professional Home Security Monitoring?
What Is Professional Home Security Monitoring?

Before getting into why you should be getting professional monitoring services, let us first get around the term. These services come with a cost range from $ 30 to $ 70 each month, depending on different options, and some companies even propose different packages.

Your home security system is monitored by the central stations where staff work 24 hours as soon as some changes or alerts need to be considered, such as fire, burglary or any other type of suspicious activity.

Advantages Of Professional Monitoring

You cannot be on your guard 24/7; according to statistics, a burglar hits every 30 seconds in the United States, which means that in one minute, there are more than one burglaries which add up to 3000 burglaries each day.

These numbers are alarming and even more frightening when you think about being unsupervised for a minute or two. One of the biggest advantages of professional monitoring is that you will enjoy round-the-clock security.

You won’t have to think twice when you are unreachable or asleep; professional monitoring services will alert the authorities.


Even if they are working hard and doing whatever they can to ensure your security, the professional monitoring central stations are not the authorities; they are the police or fire station. They will act promptly whenever they feel there is a need to, but they can only notify the concerned authorities.

There is a rise in false rescue or fire alarms in the U.S. Now authorities only move when they feel that the alarm is authentic. In conclusion, professional monitoring services don’t ensure authorities’ response.

Should You Get Professional Monitoring?
Should You Get Professional Monitoring?

Why You May Need A Professional Home Security Monitoring

Professional home security provides another level of safety, but it does not stop there; there are many reasons you may want to pay for this service. If you have a large house with many rooms and entrances (windows and door giving on the outside of your house), you may want to opt for professional monitoring.

I always recommend that you have a camera at each entrance or even sensors that will allow you to have a constant view and proof of who is going in and out of your house, but let’s be honest, it will be very difficult to monitor all of your entry points all by yourself.

Another good reason it is important to opt for the monitoring service is if you are away from home often. You may love to go on vacation or go for business meetings very often; I guess you will be calmer if you are equipped with these services.

Disadvantages Of Professional Home Security Monitoring 

Almost all home security experts will encourage the service, but some services are known to be faulty. One of the main reasons is that you cannot monitor your security system 24/7.

As mentioned above, there has been a rise in the number of false alarms the authorities are receiving, thus not taking many of them into consideration. On top of that, a monthly fee needs to be paid, so is it worth paying for a service, but when they signal a burglar, the authorities do not bother? Is it not a waste of money?

It is important to protect your house and your valuable goods from being stolen, that’s why you will invest in a good home security system, but nowadays, even those do not discourage burglars. In the comments, let us know what you think about having a monitoring service…

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