Should I Take My Home Security System When I Move?

When you are relocating, you go through several stuff and decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. You might decide to take your books, cleaning supplies, bedding, furniture and electronics. But, what about your home security system?

Can you take your home security system with you when you move? Or, rather, should you?

Let’s find out!

Leaving the Current Security System in Your Old House

Leaving the Current Security System in Your Old HouseYou have to pack and bring your old belongings with you when you move or relocate, but it doesn’t mean you have to bring along your home security system too. Purchasing and installing a new security system can sometimes result in a cost overrun. However, the policies of transferring or moving your home security system to your new house might add to the already stressful process of moving.

Before you decide to move your security system, think about how leaving it in your old house could be a selling point for potential buyers.

While air conditioning systems, master bedrooms and large outdoor spaces used to appeal to home buyers, today, home security systems seem to attract more prospective buyers. The pandemic’s resulting economic fallout had left millions of people vulnerable, increasing home intrusions and property crimes. As a result, a home security system became a home feature that buyers would pay extra for.

Everyone now wants to live in a secure and safe house with cameras, deadbolt locks and alarms. So, instead of paying a fortune to move your security system, use that opportunity to increase your property value.


  • Selling the house with a smart home security system installed will offer several perks to potential buyers.


  • There are some home buyers who might want to remove your home security system and install a new one.
  • During the moving and packing process, there is the risk of damaging security equipment.

Installing a New Security System Into Your New House

Installing a New Security System Into Your New HouseWhen you’ve installed trusted and reliable smart home security systems like Vivint, the good news is that the security system can be easily relocated to your new house. However, certain circumstances might prevent you from thinking and acting like a “saver.” You can’t think about saving costs when you have additional space, needs and required upgrades.

Before deciding to shift your current home security system, it’s best to have a security provider survey and inspect your new house. If the security provider advises you to buy and install a new security system instead of using the old one, please do so. Such scenarios can happen when you are moving from a small house or apartment to a big family house or when you are moving into a house with a larger outdoor space and additional space.

In addition, compatibility issues might prevent you from bringing your current security system to your new home. There is this common problem for people who have purchased security products for their house and then used the same products for their new house. In some cases, security products you have used for your previous home might not work well with your new house, making the overall security system inefficient for your home. Having incompatible motion detectors, cameras, alarms, sound sensors and others devices can create a faulty security system, which can make your house susceptible to home invasions. The only way to resolve this is by installing a new smart home security system that is compatible with your new house. Of course, the new security products can be purchased from the security company or from an even better home automation security company.


  • New and latest technology for your new space
  • No compatibility issues
  • More cost-effective
  • You can customize your own smart security package.


  • Buying and installing a new security system can prove to be costlier than relocating your old security system.
  • There’s no guarantee that the new security system will be more efficient than the old one.


















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