7 Surprising Home Safety Hacks You Didn’t Think About

The key objective of home security is to create an atmosphere where your family can feel safe. You will want to do what it takes to tackle any safety problems that may arise. From cameras to windows grids, all means are good to achieve the utmost security. Here are seven hacks to help you protect your home while being on a budget.

1) Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lighting is touchless, making it child and elderly-friendly. Besides its lighting purposes, it can deter potential home intruders since it triggers as soon as someone enters a certain radius. Your family members will feel much safer when night falls.

2) Window Locks

In a double-hung window, both sashes of the window frame are movable, which is favorable for intruders. Installing a window lock is pretty straightforward – all you need are screws and a drill. An easy hack is to apply a pin lock, which can be found online or in hardware stores.

3) Install a Small Safe

Keep A Safe At Home.

Having a safe at home is one security measure that is usually underrated. A safe can be used to store money, valuables like family jewelry or even important documents. It is a one-time purchase and most models can resist disasters such as fires and flooding.

4) Add Door and Window Alarms

Door and window alarms are handy security devices, notifying you if ever someone opens or tries to open the doors and windows in your home. There are several door and window alarms available on the market right now. Inexpensive alarms are beneficial for people on a budget. Most of the cheap alarms are usually wireless which makes the installation effortless and also maintenance easier.

5) Secure Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are very aesthetic and very popular but are also prone to security issues. There are different ways to add security to your patio doors without risking the aesthetics. The foot lock allows you to secure the bottom of the door and has a bolt that fits into a grommet to hold the door secure.

6) Use a Door Stop Alarm

It’s fairly common that break-ins occur when the owner is at home, and to avoid being caught in such incidents, adopt the door stop alarm. It is a small security device that you slide under your door, and when someone tries to open the door, an alarm goes off continuously. The primary function of the device is to deter potential intruders while warning you of danger and making it slightly harder to get into your house.

7) Fortify your garage

While everyone’s focus is on securing the house, we do not realize how crucial it is to secure the garage. The garage contains your car, tools and sometimes allows for easy access to the house. You can consolidate your garage simply by investing in a proper door lock, installing motion detector lighting and make sure to close the door behind you permanently (it seems like common sense, but a lot of people forget).

8) Secure Your Yard

Well-fenced yard.

As you make sure your house is fully protected you should not neglect your yard. Make sure to keep shrubs and other vegetation trimmed so that there are no hiding places in your yard for intruders. Properly fencing your yard goes a long way too, as does frequent maintenance.

The above hacks can help you make your house more secure, but the most reliable way is still to invest in a proper home security system. Security systems are very accessible nowadays, and there are several types that suit all types of budgets. Share your best security hacks with us in the comments.

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