Biggest Home Security Myths Debunked

A house is much more than just a building. It is where you eat breakfasts with your family and spend quality time. It is where you read your children’s bedtime tales and tuck them in at night. In other words, it is a valuable possession that signifies much more to you and your family. But what can you do exactly to safeguard it? You may have been told that you don’t need a home security system. Today, however, we shall work to dispel some of these myths.

Myth 1: It’s Too Expensive to Have a Security System

Myth 1: It’s Too Expensive to Have a Security SystemYou could have a point if this were the 1950s (you see, decades ago, one had to pay a huge sum of money to install a home security system and then pay another huge fee again for the monitoring service). However, in recent years, these pricing barriers have crumbled, and technology has improved to the point where acquiring a dependable and high-quality home security system is now much cheaper than it was previously. For instance, did you know that wireless cameras are quite popular since they are reasonably priced?

Furthermore, the cost of burglary damages is far more financially exhausting than the cost of a full home security system.

However, fortunately for you, some home insurance carriers now provide discounts for installing a home security system. However, be wary of security system vendors who provide lowball pricing quotations.

Myth 2: My Dog Is Enough for Me

It is unrealistic to expect your dog to be an impenetrable force that will deter possible attackers. We may adore our devoted guard dogs, but keep in mind that they are not without flaws. A large guard dog can make a possible thief flee in the opposite way, although they are not completely successful.

It is obvious that dogs are easily sidetracked. They can, for example, be readily influenced by sweets or even a modest bit of attention. Even if they do behave violently toward an intruder, they will very certainly be hurt (a sad truth). When someone breaks into your house, an alarm is triggered and the authorities are informed.

Keep in mind, though, that your pet will never be able to call emergency services.

As stated in a recent blog post, the majority of house burglaries occur during the day. Even so, a barking dog will be disregarded by neighbors who will believe it is simply barking at a mailman or a passer-by.

And, honestly, do you believe your Pomeranian will be able to save you if your house catches fire or is robbed?

Myth 3: Home Security Systems Are Ineffective When Power Fails

I’m sure this notion arises from antiquated or outmoded security systems. However, the contemporary security system does not require energy or a phone connection to function. For example, battery-powered security cameras run on batteries and may continue to record even when the power goes out. Furthermore, some security systems employ cellular radio technology, thus they are unaffected by power loss.

Myth 4: I Live in an Old House

Let’s say you reside in an ancient Colonial or Victorian home with solid walls and limited accessibility throughout. If you believe that your home was not designed to accommodate the installation of a home security system because it would need extensive drilling and renovation, you are mistaken.

There may have been some truth to that concept in the past, but owing to sophisticated wireless technology, security systems can now be placed in any home.

Myth 5: Police Will Respond Immediately

Myth 5: Police Will Respond ImmediatelyMany traditional systems lack video verification, and because these alerts have a 98% false alarm rate, authorities do not prioritize situations where there is no confirmation.

When it comes to security businesses that provide true verification, however, cops are often deployed at a considerably higher priority.


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