Securing Your Entrance Door With a Lifetime-Protected Key

Securing Your Entrance Door With a Lifetime-Protected Key

Do you want to make your front door as secure as possible? It is possible to have your keys protected for life.

The keys, known as “protected for life”, differ from the traditional keys by their form and quality. In addition, their duplication is subject to special regulations.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics and advantages of this type of key.

What is a lifetime-protected key?

The lifetime protected key benefits from legal protection, which means that its manufacturer can only duplicate it. This protection can take 2 forms, namely patent protection and trademark registration.

Patent protection means that the technique used to make the key, as well as the shape of the key, are the exclusive property of the manufacturer and this type of protection can last between 10 and 20 years.

For trademark registration, the shape of the key belongs solely to the brand that makes it and this form of protection is not limited in time.

Technical characteristics of protected keys

Lifetime protected keys are designed in the same way as a cylinder key. However, their security system is not identical to that of a standard key. The shaft of a protected key can be composed of holes of different depths on both sides, in which the pins of the lock are positioned. It can also be star-shaped, hence the name star key: this type of key is cylindrical and has many fins located all around the shaft, it is designed for pump systems and in this type of system, the fins must be positioned in the cylinder’s axis for the cylinder to turn.

Advantages of lifetime-protected keys

Securing Your Entrance Door With a Lifetime-Protected Key

Locks for keys protected for life have the advantage of being certified according to the ULC-S328-98 (R2016) standard, which regulates building hardware, reliable because they are unlikely to be picked, of good quality, therefore durable, and anti-corrosion.

How to duplicate a key protected for life

When choosing a cylinder that is operated with a lifetime key, the key should be supplied with an ownership card, giving assurance that you are the owner of the key. It may only be duplicated by the manufacturer, provided the holder has the key number and the ownership card for it.

Good to know: if you lose your ownership card attached to the lifetime protected key, you will be able to have a new card issued to you by contacting the manufacturer. A copy of your ID and a certificate of loss must be attached to your request.

The standard for burglary resistant key locks

The manufacturer may use a suffix ‘C’ to signify a key lock that has been tested with carbide or carbide tip drill bits. A suffix ‘V’ may be used to indicate a key lock that has been tested using electrically operated vibrating needles, such as those sold by locksmith supply sources. If it is not present on the product, it is better not to rely on it to secure your front door.

A good lock is indeed essential, but it is not everything. To best protect your home, here are 10 Ideas Under $100 to Protect Yourself From Intruders.

Last but not least, the price of secure locks depends a lot on the different manufacturers. A very sophisticated lock can be pretty expensive, so it is essential to understand what you are looking for before investing. One website I came across during my research: Deadbolt Locking Systems: All about Ensuring Maximum Security for Home.

Hope this post helps you to determine the type of lock you need for your home. Please, remember to share and comment.


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