How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?

How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?


What is the proper course of action in a storm, tornado or flooding event? If someone is in danger during a storm, tornado or flood, please call 911 immediately.

Storms or tornadoes

Storms or tornadoes are phenomena that correspond to the passage of winds of impressive force.

Who does not remember the EF2 tornado that touched down in Uxbridge on Saturday as a powerful weather system made its way through Ontario, tearing apart homes and knocking out power to thousands of people?

The storm is predictable, unlike other natural disasters: it is announced by the weather. This prevents us from being caught off guard by preparing for its passage.

Before the arrival of a storm or tornado: advice

How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?

Remember to stock up on necessities (water, food, lamps, candles).

Don’t forget to bring a battery-operated radio.

Shelter: ideally, you should have a basement or a shelter, unless the storm can cause flooding where you are (near a river or the sea),

Close doors, windows and shutters.

Avoid travelling: if you are driving your vehicle, reduce speed.

Always stay safe during a storm

How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?

During a storm, it is important to stay under cover until the storm is over.

If you can, avoid being outside.

Keep a radio nearby and listen to the instructions that are given.

Do not leave your shelter until the authorities give the signal.

After a storm or tornado

Be careful: Once the storm has passed, beware of falling tiles, trees, and utility poles… which may have been weakened by the strong winds.

First Aid

After the storm, check that no one around you is injured.

You can provide first aid to treat the wounds and stop bleeding if there are casualties. Alert the emergency services if necessary.


And now coming to flooding…

Flooding: ways to prevent the risk

How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?

Floods result from natural phenomena in the vicinity of rivers and streams that may experience flooding (rising water levels).

To avoid these phenomena, find out about the areas at risk to avoid building a house or living in a dangerous place.

When a flood is foreseeable, you can prepare yourself at home:

Elevate valuables, food items (water, food) and toxic products,

Block the “openings” allowing access to the house: window corners, under the door, etc.,

Be ready to leave the premises.

What to do during the disaster?

How to Protect Yourself During Natural Calamities?

During the flood, here are some precautions to take:

Make sure you have turned off the gas and electricity,

Get to high ground (the floor with the highest window),

Avoid walking or driving through a flood zone.

Finally, if the authorities have given the order, leave the area as soon as possible.

Flooding: advice after the disaster

When the water has receded, remember to open the windows and doors.

This will allow you to ventilate the rooms as much as possible and help the area dry out.

For the same purpose, turn on the heating as soon as possible.

Be careful! Ensure the premises are well dried before restoring gas and electricity.

We are not asking you to become an alarmist, but it is always good to know what to do in an emergency. The right reflexes can always help you save lives if needed.

We hope you found this article informative, and don’t forget to share your experience or your opinion in the comments below. 

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