Top 5 Must-Have Home Security Features

Top 5 Must-Have Home Security Features


 In this age of technological advances, securing a home is no longer a headache. There are new must-have home security devices on the market. Here are 5 carefully selected pieces of equipment essential for a secure home.

1. Detectors

 Detectors are one of the most interesting innovations in home automation. What are they? The detectors ensure the effective security of homes where they are installed. They are part of the main video surveillance systems. For example, installed on doors, intrusion detectors are equipped with the capacity to trigger in case of unauthorized surveillance.

 In fact, a message is automatically sent to the owner’s smartphone so that the owner can intervene.

 The different types of detectors

 Different kinds of detectors are on the market, each with a specific purpose. There are, among others:

 – The intrusion detector;

 – The connected smoke detector;

 – The motion detector;

 – The presence sensor;

 – The humidity sensor;

 Whatever type of detector, it is possible that it is remotely controlled to avoid trouble in all its form.

 2. The video surveillance camera

Top 5 Must-Have Home Security Features

 The surveillance camera allows homeowners to sleep in peace. In a video surveillance kit, we can discover the following:

 – An indoor camera;

 – An outdoor camera wifi;

 – A siren;

 – A sensor;

 – A remote monitoring;

 A security system can work with more than 2 cameras to reduce the risk of burglary. In fact, it can be controlled from a mobile application. The surveillance camera warns of any danger. It is an effective way to discourage burglars.

 Depending on the camera model chosen, it is possible to see live everything that happens in a house.

 3. The mobile extinguisher

 The mobile extinguisher is also a powerful security tool. Generally, powder allows for neutralizing the incipient fires, whatever their nature:

 – Solid materials;

 – Liquid materials (grease, alcohol);

 – Gas (propane and butane);

 It is advisable to place it in the kitchen and all other necessary places. However, the extinguisher cannot be applied to a person who is on fire.

 4. Connected lighting

 In terms of home security, the connected lighting system is also one of those types of equipment that should not be ignored. Indeed, its objective is to stimulate a presence even when the owner is not present. It can thus easily discourage burglars.

 When coupled with a camera with a wide viewing angle, the owner can see anyone who tries to enter his home. Similarly, connected lighting allows for outdoor surveillance.

 Moreover, the connected lighting is very weatherproof. It has enough waterproofing to work well from a distance. An automatic lighting system can also adjust the brightness in cases where the camera does not have an infrared vision.

 5. The alarm system

 The security alarm system is also an essential piece of equipment when it comes to securing homes. Generally connected to the camera, this system is very effective because it benefits from technological advances, including artificial intelligence.

 The alarm system comes in the form of a controllable box. It is easy to install and can be operated from the screen of a smartphone. Thus, wherever a homeowner is, he can have a view of his house.

 The alarm system can be connected to a siren to scare off burglars. It is, therefore, a piece of very effective security equipment. 

Finally, it is recommended to call a professional from an experienced company to install any of the above home security equipment. Hope you’ve found the information you needed in this post. Do not forget to leave a few comments in the section below.


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