How to Install a Smoke Detector

How to Install a Smoke Detector


– Choosing your smoke detector

– Step 1: Choose the location of the detector

– Step 2: Attach the base of the detector

– Step 3: Install the smoke detector

– Maintain your smoke detector


Installing a smoke detector is very simple, quick and accessible to everyone.

With a smoke detector, you will be sure to be warned in case of fire before the first flames appear. This will save you precious minutes in trying to put out the fire or evacuate the premises.

To install a smoke detector, you must first carefully choose its location, then fix it securely.

 Choosing your smoke detector

There are several types of smoke detectors:

– with photoelectric sensors: they detect smoke from smouldering fires;

– with ionization detectors: they detect heavy smoke particles, as in a plastic fire.

Ideally, a detector that combines these two means of detection for optimal safety.

Important: all French homes must be equipped with at least one smoke detector. You must send a certificate of installation to the insurer, who can then provide a reduction in the insurance premium. However, the insurer cannot refuse compensation in a claim if the detector is not installed.

1. Choose the location of the detector

Warm air is lighter than cold air, so smoke rises. Therefore, place your detector preferably on the ceiling or at the top of a wall:

– On the ceiling: try to place it towards the center of the ceiling. You must place your detector at least 30 cm from the walls.

– On the wall: The detector should be at least 30 cm from the ceiling and other walls.

Tip: Do not place your detector near heaters, kitchens or bathrooms, as they may be triggered unexpectedly.

Place a detector:

– in each room;

– every 8 m of the hallway;

– in the basement;

– on each floor.

Tip: Fires most often start at night, so installing a detector in the bedroom or the nearby hallway is wise to make sure you hear the signal.

2. Attach the detector base


Once you’ve chosen a location for your detector, install the base:

– Remove the detector base, place it where you want to install it and mark the mounting points with a pencil.

– With a drill, make holes at the marks, then insert the dowels.

– Then, place the detector base in front of the holes and fasten it with screws.

Important: choose the correct plugs for the type of support (plaster, plywood, rubble, etc.).

3. Install the smoke detectorsmoke detector

When the base is screwed on:

– Insert a battery or the battery.

– Replace the smoke detector on the base: depending on the model, clip or screw it on.

Then check that the smoke detector is working by pressing the test button.

Important: test your detector every week, and change the batteries as soon as the signal weakens. Wipe the detector with a clean, dry cloth every month.

Maintain your smoke detector

Test your detector weekly to ensure that the batteries do not need to be changed for maximum effectiveness. As soon as the alarm sounds faint, don’t hesitate to change the batteries immediately.

Please note: when the batteries become weak, most detectors will emit an audible or light signal to warn you.

To clean your detector every month:

– Vacuum the openings to remove dust;

– wipe with a dry cloth (microfiber if possible, which retains dust better) without water or any other product.

The life span of a smoke detector is about 8 years. Remember to change it after this period.

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