7 Reasons Why Your Home Alarm May Be Useless

Let’s go back in time; Augustus Pope invented the first burglar alarm in the 1800s, and nowadays, even though we have an updated version, homes are still using burglar alarms as a form of security. But most home alarm users have now seen that they are starting to be useless. This article will go through different reasons why home alarms are now unsuited for their jobs and what can be done to secure your house…

Alarms Are No More An Obstacle 

Twenty years back, alarms were not as popular as they are now. So, if there was only one house with an alarm on the street, thieves would not have targeted that particular house. It was a deterrent for burglars. Nowadays, it is unlikely to find a home without an alarm. The market is saturated, and alarms are not as effective as twenty years ago. They have various malfunctions, so burglars break in anyway.

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All-in-one Systems 

They were once prevalent – an all-in-one system that comprises a control panel, keypad, siren, telephone line connection, and power supply. These systems are very convenient, but if you are on-site as a burglar, you can follow the sound of the beeping keypad and rip everything off.

No Response 

The alarm should be able to trigger an immediate response. However, there are different places where the authorities do not act quickly, and burglars have enough time to rob. Some alarm companies include quick police visits as part of their service, and most of them do not fulfill their duty and provide incomplete service.

Delay Time And Keypad Placement

An alarm is a program- it does not distinguish between you entering your house with a key and a burglar entering with a crowbar… it is the same action as opening the door. The alarm allows you to disarm it, and usually, this delay time is gifted to burglars as they can quickly look for the keypad and disarm the alarm, so if you have to put the keypad close to the door with the minimum delay time.

Enhanced Call Verification 

Whenever your house is broken into, your alarm company will call your house – not so logical. Many security companies are now selling what we will call ‘enhanced call verification’ where they don’t only call you at home but also on your cellphone to ask some questions to see if you are being robbed. Still, it only allows burglars more time to spend at your house.

Single Form Of Communication

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A phone line is the weakness of an alarm system. It does not matter if your alarm is the most sophisticated and you spend thousands of dollars on it or if you follow every guideline on security blogs; if your only form of communication is the phone line, it can be cut from outside your house. There is a need for a cellular backup that will allow you to remove the single point of failure in your alarm.

Sharing Codes 

If you choose a good alarm, you should be able to know who disarms or arm it. Most systems allow you to have a dozen user codes; if you share your codes, you will not be able to know who gets into the house. Every member should have their code and should not share them with members outside of the house.

It is essential to protect your house from thieves or intruders, but nowadays, alarms are becoming obsolete and are not enough to protect your house. So, it is time to look for new technologies to have a safe house. In the comments, let us know how you proceed to protect your home…

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