Your Smartphone Can Replace a Nanny

Your Smartphone Can Replace a Nanny

There are countless applications available for smartphones. They make your phone functional, and the call becomes almost an accessory function. Indeed, it can now replace a number of your devices—one example, among others, relatively well designed: the baby phone.

This life-saving application monitors your toddler during his nap without you having to move every 30 seconds to know if everything is okay. All you have to do is leave your smartphone in the child’s room with the application turned on.

The baby phone app combines several features:

Your Smartphone Can Replace a Nanny

– Alarm:

◦ The app monitors noise in the room and alerts another phone when a noise is detected.

◦ You can set the sound level to trigger the alarm, so you won’t be alerted to the slightest chirp your baby makes while sleeping.

– The recorder allows you to record all the noises your child makes at night. You will listen to them the next day to know if there is no problem related to his sleep.

– There is a voice recorder with which you can record yourself singing a lullaby. The recording will be triggered if the child wakes up and starts to cry.

– The app’s memory allows you to view all the details of the last few nights to inform you about your child’s sleep pattern: how many times he wakes up per night, how long he slept, etc.

It costs about $3. However, having a self-monitoring camera with smartphone control seems more sensible. This dispenses with leaving your smartphone in a baby’s room, which requires a second phone.

Beware: this application is practical, but it remains only an additional solution to the presence of parents that a smartphone can not replace.

 Forgotten a TV program? A smartphone app to record it

You forgot to schedule a show, and you won’t be home in time to record it? Thanks to this application, you will be able to do it remotely: from your office, transportation, etc.

How does it work?

– The application gives you access to the weekly calendar of all the programs.

– You select the desired program and click on the record button.

– You can also schedule recordings of upcoming programs, for example, an entire season of your favourite series currently airing.

– The best part: this application is available for free.

Good to know: this application only works if you have a router with a recording function.

Control your computer remotely.

When leaving for work or class, how often have you cursed yourself for forgetting essential files on your computer? The solution to your sieve memory is the smartphone application allowing you to control your computer remotely:

– Download the app on your smartphone and install the corresponding software on your computer.

– You will then be able to access all the files contained on your computer.

– The only drawback of this type of application is that it requires your computer to remain on.

– This application costs about $3.

Please note that this application also gives “control” over your computer to IT service professionals.

How to make your objects more communicative?

Here’s a little innovation for fans of small gadgets that combine practicality and fantasy. A company has created an RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chip reader that allows you to communicate with your objects. It comes in the form of a white disk to be connected to your computer via USB.

What is this strange object used for?

– This reader is associated with RFID stamps. Via the company’s website that created this device, you set up the stamp by associating it with a specific action: opening a website, a file, software, etc.

– Once the stamp is set, you can stick it on an object.

– From then on, just by putting the object in question on the washer, the range of possibilities is unlimited. Small examples:

◦ your car keys send back to the traffic status;

◦ your wallet sends you to your online accounts;

◦ your umbrella opens the day’s weather;

◦ your headphones, open your favourite mp3 files, etc.

– This device costs $45 and comes with some stamps. You can buy the stamps separately; a pad of 12 costs $20.

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