Top 5 Tips To Properly Secure Your Home

Having a home is a dream that all of us have; this is why we need to protect it from intruders. There were nearly 250,000 burglaries in 2017, which continues to rise. Therefore, protecting yourself from these intrusions is essential to making your home more secure. By following these tips, you will be able to better secure your home. You will feel more secure. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to secure your home properly.

1. Install a burglar-resistant door


The first way a burglar will enter your home is through the door. This is even more true for an apartment. Therefore, you must have a burglar-proof door that resists their attacks for as long as possible. An armored door is the most effective barrier in this respect. In this case, the door itself is also called a leaf, and the frame, i.e., the fixed parts of the carpentry, are made of steel.

To secure the door, choosing a suitable lock is necessary. As its name indicates, the multi-point lock activates several locking points with a single turn of the key. It, therefore, offers an effective barrier to intrusion. The electronic lock is also very secure.

There are specific certifications that measure the resistance of the door block, that is, the whole formed by the door, the frame, and the lock. If you choose a BP3 door equipped with an A2P3 lock, you can count on resistance of about a quarter of an hour. Triggered by dialing a code on a keyboard or using a magnetic card or remote control, this type of lock does not need a key to open.

2. Choose secure windows

Burglars also enter your home through windows, especially if they are the French windows of a house. It is therefore advisable to secure them as much as the doors. For this purpose, there are special locking devices installed inside the window frame. Without this system, it would only take a few moments for the intruder to lift the window, for example, with a screwdriver.

Similarly, some window models have a lockable handle. This means that even if the burglar breaks the pane, he will not be able to operate the handle. The resistance of the glass is another essential element of protection. The anti-burglar cleat prevents the intruder from breaking the window.

In this regard, the most effective solution is the installation of burglar-resistant glass. This is a laminated glass composed of several panes assembled by means of a specific process. Finally, the installation of roller shutters strengthens your windows even more. Many models are equipped with metal rods and anti-tear systems.

3. The alarm system: an effective protection


The installation of an adapted alarm system is one of the essential elements of the security of your house. The alarm siren is the best way to scare off burglars when it is sufficiently powerful and prolonged. In addition to the alarm signal itself, some models include a blinding smoke blast, which is sure to deter an intruder.

Similarly, the alarm system can be combined with motion detectors, which detect any attempt to break into your home. Other devices are connected to the police, who can intervene on-site upon receiving the agreed-upon signal. There are several types of alarms. You can choose a wired home alarm. It consists of a central element and detectors connected by cables. But it is also possible to opt for a wireless system.

The alarm system can be connected to a remote monitoring center which, in the event of a problem, can alert the police or send a security guard to the site. In this case, it is through the Internet or mobile network that the alarm is connected. You can then control it remotely from your cell phone, for example. Thanks to this device, you also receive alerts in case of suspicious movements or intrusion attempts.

4. Don’t forget the surveillance cameras

Sometimes coupled with the alarm system, surveillance cameras complete and reinforce the security of your home. Thus, there are cameras intended for the interior of the house and others that are installed outside. Some are installed with cables; others work with a wireless communication system. To choose them, you must take into account specific criteria.

It is thus possible to view the images taken by the surveillance cameras from a tablet or smartphone. Many models now offer high-definition images, which allows better identification of potential intruders. Similarly, it is preferable to choose a motorized system, which allows the cameras to be oriented and thus widen their field of vision.

Even if most of the burglaries occur during the day, the intruders also introduce themselves at night to their victims. This is why some surveillance cameras are equipped with an infrared device, which allows night vision. Before installing these cameras, take stock of your real needs and choose the best locations for their installation.

5. Simulate your presence


In addition to all these security measures, it is important to deceive burglars. They will not hesitate to act if they think the house is unoccupied. You have to make them believe that you are still at home. This is an excellent way to protect yourself from burglaries. To give them this impression, several solutions are available to you.

For example, there are devices that turn on the lights in certain rooms at regular times. When burglars see the light, they will move on and look for a dark house. These programmers can also turn on the television. If you don’t want to install such a device, you can simply leave the radio on before you leave your home.

Leave it on in the hallway, for example, so that any unwanted visitors can hear it. If you’re going away for a while, there’s another sign that you may be gone. A would-be burglar will notice that mail is piling up in your mailbox. Ask a neighbor or friend to pick it up from time to time.

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