Home-Sitter And Security Guard: What Is The Difference?

With times getting tough, who said that having a home of one’s own was always so beneficial? Construction, maintenance, renovation, cleaning, and especially security; these few points that disappoint many, are part of the daily obstacles that every homeowner goes through. This doesn’t mean that these problems can’t be solved.

Here is a solution that will allow you, the property owner, to take a little vacation outside of your home, just for a moment, to forget all the responsibilities that this title confers on you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn everything you need to know about home-sitters.



Literally translated as “house-sitting”, home-sitting is a service that calls for a home-sitter (the person who will perform the service) to take care of a property in the absence of its owner. This means that he/she will watch over the house, take care of the animals, water the plants daily, maintain the garden, and also clean the house.

In fact, he will occupy the building allowing the owner to organize a family trip away from his home with peace of mind. It should be noted that this function is “give and take”, which means that there is an exchange of services between the provider and the client. The owner will give up his property to the janitor while he is away in exchange for regular maintenance of his home.

While for the janitor, as compensation for his work, the owner will give him the right to use all the equipment in the house for free. For example, after finishing his daily tasks properly, the home-sitter will have the right to use the internet connection, enjoy his swimming pool, or visit the neighborhood to get to know the area. Basically, it is agreed to both beneficiaries that no money will be taken as a payment, only service against service.

However, it is possible to negotiate with the owner of the house by including the cost of the stay, food, and travel in a fee for the provider. Similarly, there are several companies that specialize in home-sitting. This makes the search easier for the client, but also the requests for the recipient. If you wish to become a home-sitter yourself, all you need is a good CV, a clean police record, to fill in a few questionnaires, and to be in top shape to impress your muscles.

Security Agency


Considered for a long time in the same category, what would really be the difference between security and guarding? While the guard will look after and use your property, the security guard will simply protect it. His job is to ensure the physical and human protection. Therefore, he must be present on the premises to ensure the safety of each occupant of the property, whether it is a person or an object.

Unlike the home-sitter who goes looking for the perfect decoration for your garden, a security guard must remain present whether his employer leaves the residence temporarily or not. He is not limited to the private home; he can be located in companies, shopping centers, stores, and stores. His schedule varies according to the instructions received. He can work alone or in a team at night or during the day.

In the case of an incident on his territory, the guard, must intervene in priority, even if it means saving time, before the arrival of the forces of order. Currently, security guards are provided by agencies. So if you want to hire one or a team, just contact their offices. In addition, the other point of difference with the home-sitter is the profile that this job requires.

Indeed, to become a professional security agent, you need to have at least the CAP Security Agent and follow security trainings for the status of Professional Title of Safety and Private Security Agent or Professional Title of Central Station Operation of Remote Surveillance. Pursuing this function can be beneficial, as it offers possibilities of evolution as a Fire Safety Agent, Manager or Head of Site and Head of Department.

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