Monitoring Your Home Without Being There: Nothing Could Be Easier

Whether it’s summer vacation or winter vacation, making sure our homes are safe is a must. While some families are away for only a few days, others leave their homes much longer. However, both families are stressed by the thought of leaving their homes unattended for such a long period. The fear of burglary is well-anchored in people’s minds. To avoid going on vacation with your stomach in knots, take a few simple and especially effective precautions concerning your needs first. From remote surveillance to the installation of cameras, including home exchange, you will be spoilt for choice!

Remote Surveillance: Practical and Avant-Garde

Remote surveillance allows individuals and/or professionals to secure their homes and/or offices against burglary attempts.

Remote monitoring requires installing a motion detection system, heat detection system, and of course, an alarm connected to the customer’s home to the monitoring station of a specialized company. It detects burglars but also detects fires depending on the system installed. Therefore, to take advantage of this service, the client must sign a remote surveillance contract with a remote surveillance company.

The operation is elementary: when the alarm is triggered, the company in charge of the remote surveillance is immediately notified by phone. Then, the company proceeds to a “doubt removal” by calling the owners. If the doubt is confirmed, the company in charge of security immediately sends a security agent on site. In a few minutes, the house is secured.

Video Surveillance: Classic and Accessible

Previously, this type of equipment was reserved for professionals, but since the number of theft victims has increased, video surveillance has opened up to individuals with more accessible offers.

Installed inside or outside a house or building, a camera records everything that passes within its reach, day and night, 24 hours a day. The user can see and review the footage filmed by the camera in real-time, including on his smartphone or computer, even if he is not on the premises.

As soon as a presence is detected inside the house, a powerful siren alarms everyone in the area, while you are immediately notified on your smartphone. All you have to do then is call the police.

Home Exchange: Atypical and Inexpensive

A home exchange is similar to house-sitting.

It is an exciting solution to ensure the security of your empty home during the summer weeks.

The contract is simple: each family will stay in the other’s house, sometimes thousands of kilometers away, for a specific period. It is also possible to carry out this exchange over a wider geographical area. For example, an English family can stay with you during your vacation while you enjoy their home.

This has become a trend in recent years. However, there are some drawbacks to this concept of house swapping. It is not always easy to find people interested in your home if the space is :

Too small ;
Badly located;
Poorly equipped.

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