Innovative lock system technology for your home.

With this increasingly modern and technologically inclined world we live in; keys seem like boomer technology. Welcome to the world of smart homes, where everyone needs smart locks to have a safer house. However, as a society, we have come to be used to the old simple mechanical lock and key system and changing it might seem like a hassle, especially if you have no clue what to replace it with. This article is designed to enlighten you on this innovative technology; continue reading to learn more.

Why use hi-tech locks?

Upping your technology and security game is beneficial to everyone, well except for thieves, but that’s the point, right? No longer do you have to search for your keys or lose them and lock yourself out of your home, thanks to this key-less technology. The digital keypad can be locked using a code or a biometric fingerprint scan or even via an app on your smartphone. This makes your life easier as you can lock your doors on the go without any issues. With their highly configurable system, you can allow people to enter your house at different times and even deny them access. This allows you to monitor the coming and goings from anywhere. You can change your codes at a moment’s notice, meaning that you no longer have to go to a locksmith to change your locks.


Types of lock:

1. Remote control lock doors

This system works just like your classic car lock and can lock and unlock your home remotely with a click of your smartphone or from a remote control. Click; it’s as simple as that to lock your home now. If you are using a remote control or your phone, the drawback is that when they are out of power, you are locked out of your home unless you recharge it again or if someone else with your lock credentials helps you. So in case of emergency, always keep a spare battery and a power bank on you at all times.

2. Biometric fingerprint locksmith

This one is something out of a Bond movie or how you unlock your phone; the key is at your fingertips. No, literally, your fingertips are the actual key to your home with this new system. They are a super-secure and convenient way to lock your house and grants access to only you because your fingerprints are unique, a bit like snowflakes; no single one is similar to the other. One inconvenience is that you have to be there to let your house guests it, as the machine will most likely not recognize their fingerprints unless you add them to the system. You can easily add and remove people from the biometric system, so this is a non-issue most of the time.


3. Electronic lock combination

This is one of the simplest alternatives out there, as it requires no keys to functions; you just need to put in your code to unlock it. The downside of this type of lock is that you have to remember yet another password; at this point, pass-codes have plagued our lives, from social media to emails, even to door locks now. Don’t use an easy password that anyone can guess correctly; your birthday or 4 zeros are a big no-no when it comes to setting your password. The upside of this lock is that it is very convenient for big families and if you have several people living under the same roof.

Advantages of these systems:

    • Innovative security– It is not only more secure than a traditional key lock that anyone can pick, but it also allows you to monitor your property. It also sends you a notification anytime someone enters your home or tries to unlock it.
    • Convenience– They allow you to monitor your property wherever you are and give you quick access to your home with minimal effort
    • Video monitoring– Some lock system also comes with a camera system built it, and you can see anyone who comes by your home or who enters or leave it. This can be really helpful in case of a robbery as the recording can be stored on the cloud and is thus easily accessible.

This emerging technology is gaining traction, especially with the younger crowd who are more tech-savvy. If you are on the market for a new lock system, I would definitely look into this lock technology. Sound off in the comments below if you have a lock system at home or if you are planning to buy one.

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