How to Choose Your Window Alarm?

How to Choose Your Window Alarm?


How does a window alarm work?

Which window alarms are available on the market?

How to choose a window alarm?

When it comes to security, a window alarm is an effective and inexpensive way to fight against intrusion. Statistics show that a third of all burglaries are committed through windows. These represent one of the main weak points of the house in terms of security. The window alarm is, therefore, one of the most sold dissuasive systems. We tell you everything.

How does a window alarm work?

In most cases, window alarms comprise a detector, a management box (connected by wiring or not), an audible alarm, and sometimes tools for remote operation.

The opening or vibration detector is positioned on the window frames or handles and is connected magnetically or by waves to the box that activates the alarm system.

In case of a break-in, the user can be warned by a loud siren or a notification on his cell phone if he is not at home.

Please note: the window alarm is a deterrent system but does not prevent a break-in!

Window alarm: which ones are available on the market?

There are three types of window alarms on the market:

Wired window alarms

With wired alarms, the detector is connected to the box by wiring hidden in the walls. Installation is complex and should preferably be done by a professional.

Note: the wired alarm is best used when building a house to facilitate installation.

This constraining system is known for its flawless reliability.

Price of a wired window alarm (excluding labour costs): $90 to $1,300.

Wireless window alarms

With wireless alarms, the sensor is connected magnetically or by air to the control box.

Installation is simple. It can be installed on any existing window and requires no work.

Note: the wireless alarm is ideal if the user lives in an old house or is a tenant.

Standard wireless window alarm prices range from $3 to $60.

Wireless window alarms for handles

The latest innovation in the window alarm market is a wireless alarm that can be hidden in the window handle.

It is almost as simple as a standard wireless sensor installation and requires no work.

The difference? It is not connected to any connection box. It is a contactor whose sensitivity can be adjusted that triggers the alarm.

Price of a window handle alarm: approximately $95.

Note: In addition to preventing break-ins, window alarms can prevent certain domestic accidents. It is, therefore, a reassuring piece of equipment when you have young children.

How to choose your window alarm?

How to Choose Your Window Alarm


Beyond the price, technical criteria must be considered when buying a window alarm. Wireless window alarms vary the most from one model to another.

The criteria that must be taken into account are:

the transmission range of the system (the greater, the better);

the autonomy of the device;

the power of the alarm.

Window alarms can be purchased:

  • in large retail stores;
  • in hardware stores;
  • by mail order on the Internet;
  • direct sale from the manufacturers.

Prices vary from one store to another. However, the cheapest window alarms can be found on the Internet. But beware, the duration of the guarantees and the after-sales service sometimes leave something to be desired.

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