How to Choose and Install a Connected Lock

A connected lock is a door lock that can be triggered using a smartphone. There are many models with different types of installation.

What is a connected lock?

This small equipment, under a simple exterior, can provide many services. The connected lock can block the opening of a door or allow it if you have the key or code required.

It consists of several parts. The keyhole is used to insert the key. When you turn it, a set of spring mechanisms in the cylinder, precisely corresponding to the key profile, will operate the deadbolt. This is the moving part that, once inserted in the strike plate, will lock the door.

The connected lock is equipped with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi transmitter, and this will allow the connection with a cell phone or computer to trigger it remotely.

Possibilities of connected locks

connected locks

Are you a science fiction or technology enthusiast who has always wanted to have a door lock that could be triggered remotely and controlled by a smartphone? Your patience has been rewarded! Indeed, several companies offer connected lock models, having common points but also differences.

All connected locks have in common that an application on a smartphone and a web application allows you to control and manage the entrances/exits to your home.

Depending on your habits and needs, you may also want to use a key, a swipe card, or press the lock with your finger to unlock it when your arms get crowded.

Better yet, you may want the lock to automatically recognize you when you’re nearby by detecting your phone. How about a connected lock that lets you in but no one else? An app that records every use of every lock in your house, with a specific code for each one? All this exists and much more.

How to choose and install your connected lock?

Once you have identified your needs and wishes, you will need to find a suitable model.

The two main types of connected locks

Some require you to replace the entire locking system, while others only need an intelligent device on an existing deadbolt. This difference is worth checking because it means additional work in the case of replacement, which is not always easy, especially if your door is old.

When the connected lock comes to be superimposed on the existing device, the design aspect will count. Take your time to imagine each model in a situation.

Bluetooth-enabled models may suffer from a slight delay when you open the dedicated application. Not necessary if you only use the door twice a day, much more annoying if you are coming and going all day.

The installation

Read the instructions carefully and identify each element with the direction of installation. Follow the installation directions precisely: a lock must never be forced, connected or not. You risk damaging it permanently or even blocking your door without being able to open it. The intervention of a professional locksmith will then be necessary.

Small video tutorials are available for most models. Use this feature; when it exists, you will save a lot of time.

User management

You create an account and manage a “keyring” designed for several locks when setting up. You can also open an account for other users while remaining administrator.

For Bluetooth models, check that the chosen product allows sending codes by SMS. It would be a shame to leave a guest at the door while you go downstairs, and Bluetooth has a minimal area of action.

Price of connected locks

Count from $100 to $300 depending on the technology for a lock to install yourself.

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