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Garage Door Automation for a Safer Home

Guarding Your Home: A Guide to Garage Door Security

Keeping Your Castle Secure Eh, when it comes to the security of your home, every detail matters, including your garage. You might think your garage is just a place for your car and a collection of hockey sticks, but it’s also an entry point into your home. In this informative guide, we’ll explore the world …

How to Safeguard Your Smart Home

How to Safeguard Your Smart Home

How to Safeguard Your Smart Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Cybersecurity Threats Welcome to a world where our homes are becoming smarter with every passing day. The integration of technology has brought convenience, efficiency, and innovation to our living spaces. However, along with these advancements come unseen threats in the form of cybersecurity risks. …

connected locks

How to Choose and Install a Connected Lock

A connected lock is a door lock that can be triggered using a smartphone. There are many models with different types of installation. What is a connected lock? This small equipment, under a simple exterior, can provide many services. The connected lock can block the opening of a door or allow it if you have …