Have You Heard of the Automated Garden?

Have You Heard of the Automated Garden?


   – automated garden: many connectable systems

   – How to choose and install a home automation system in the garden?

   – Price of an automated garden

The home automation of the garden, or the installation of automated objects applied to the park, can automate specific tasks to avoid obligations related to the maintenance of grasslands.

Note: we speak more specifically of “home automation” in the context of a complete installation, while the term automated is more likely to apply to objects taken separately.

Automated garden: many connectable systems

Home automation can provide practical solutions to keep the garden a pleasure.

What do we call “home automation”?

Some authors suggest comparing the house with the human body to understand home automation better.

The human body feels things, transmits information, analyses the transmitted data and reacts accordingly. The range of home automation systems is vast, but these systems are always related to at least one of these three functions.

A home automation system will therefore be made up of sensors, a transmission network (by wire, radio waves, etc.), an automatic control unit and a set of modules acting on the elements to be varied.

The automated garden

The automated objects in the garden allow you to :

   – Program an automatic watering system.

   – Mow the lawn with an automated robot.

   – Control the outdoor lighting according to your comings and goings.

   – Secure your entrances against intruders (motorized gates, for example).

   – Intelligently combine solar and electric lighting to save energy (the hallmark of the smart home), etc.

Good to know: the watering of the garden can be controlled with the addition of a weather station.

How to choose and install a home automation system for the garden?

Have You Heard of the Automated Garden?

You can start with basic modules and progress your installation later.

Garden lighting

According to the passage, automatic bollards are coupled with an autonomous motion detector that turns on and off. But you can also create a more ambitious system with different lighting, colour, centralized control, etc.

Remember that your system must be scalable. Low-end stand-alone installations will not be helpful if you plan to equip your house room by room with home automation.

Automated watering

For a long time, automatic watering systems have used a programmer to start watering at a fixed time.

Of course, you can also install a real home automation system, using a sensor that will modulate the watering level according to the temperatures recorded during the day and the ambient humidity level, or even install several sensors according to the crops grown.

Security of people

An anti-intrusion alarm, with motion detectors outside, can be coupled with an automated gate and an intervention of specialized services.

The gate opening command can also trigger the opening or closing of the shutters when you return home. Even complete home automation security systems imitate a human presence in prolonged absence. The possibilities are endless and depend only on your lifestyle and budget.

If you have a swimming pool, you can also automate specific processes (alarm in case of crossing security barriers, for example). The security of this area is sensitive and should not be neglected.

The little extra: you can also plan to manage from the same control console the security of your pool, the energy supply to heat the swimming water and the automated cleaning of the walls. This is a real home automation system.

Price of an automated garden

The cost of an automated garden depends on the nature and size of the installation, the type of equipment used and the degree of design of the structure. As an example, count from $250 for a basic sliding gate motorization kit to $500 for a piece of more advanced equipment with an opening controlled from a console with an intercom. You’ll find an electronic sprinkler programmer for around a hundred dollars. Count from $60 for a centralized remote control + radio receiver on an exterior lighting point and $150 for a simple alarm. These prices are given for equipment to be installed by you.

For a complete home automation system for the garden (alarm, lighting and irrigation, controllable on a smartphone), supplied and installed by a pro, count from $1000 for a small city garden.


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