Top 4 Tips To Secure Your Airbnb

Two million people stay daily in 100,000 cities around the world via Airbnb. The choice is vast: more than 6 million accommodations are available for short-term rental on the platform. Are you an owner of an apartment or a villa, and are you about to offer it for rent? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips that will help you to have peace of mind and secure your Airbnb.

1. Leave a spare key with a trusted third party


What would happen if your weekend tenants slammed the door or even lost their keys in the middle of their stay? They wouldn’t be able to access their rental and would be tempted to call the first random locksmith they found on the Internet to open the door, with the near-certainty of running into a crook!

Ideally, you should leave a spare key with a trusted person located near your home. This person should be able to go to the property if you cannot. They would end up with a huge bill, and you, the owner, would have a cheap and poorly installed lock instead of your original one! This simple precaution could save you a lot of trouble!

2. Patented keys for the security of your Airbnb


Another security problem you may experience as an Airbnb owner is that of a dishonest tenant who would take advantage of his stay to have a copy of your keys made at a high-speed key shop. This would allow him to come back later to visit the property and maybe leave with valuable goods (TV, Wifi). And this without leaving any trace or being worried!

To solve this problem, it is necessary that your Airbnb has patented keys. Indeed, these are security keys that can only be reproduced by the manufacturer and on the presentation of the property card. This way, you no longer run the risk of an illegal copy of your keys getting into the wrong hands.

3. Create a secure self-arrival process


Self-arrival can simplify the traveler experience; however, the host is responsible for the security of the device. If you use a secure key box, you must change the combination between each stay and ensure that no one else has access to the keys during the booking. You must change the code after each reservation if you use a smart lock or a keypad lock. This way, it’s easier to remember the combination.

Once you’ve chosen a standalone arrival option, don’t forget to add it to your listing. Travelers can filter listings by equipment in the search results. So remember to include everything your accommodation offers. Most importantly, remember that self-catering can help you save time and provide a warm welcome while maintaining safe distances.

4. The advantage of connected locks


Equipping yourself with a connected lock for Airbnb is in itself a good investment! It obviously allows you to not be present when handing over the keys to your tenants since they are digital keys that are sent to them. But it is also a good point for the security of your Airbnb! Indeed, since your tenants no longer have access to your metal keys, you also eliminate the risk of a fraudulent copy being made without your knowledge.

The owners of a property rented by Airbnb are also sometimes victims of squatters. In such a case, the ill-intentioned tenant will certainly replace the cylinder of your lock in order to be able to stay on the property. Fortunately, this phenomenon is rare, but it does exist, as this testimony shows.

And the legal procedure to dislodge him can sometimes last several years if the offense has not been noticed within 48 hours by the police. This is another case in which an electronic lock can make a difference! Indeed, some connected locks can detect the dismantling of the cylinder and alert you immediately by a notification on your smartphone.

Finally, it is possible that your tenants are absent-minded and forget to lock the door when they go out. Again, for added security, some connected lock models automatically lock the door when you leave. This protects you from opportunistic burglars trying to take advantage of doors left open! This gives you the opportunity to react as quickly as possible to recover your property.

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