Everything You Need To Know About Safe

Most people think that to have a good safe, they should spend a lot of money on it, which is not always the case. The safe market is vast, and everyone has a share when looking for one; there are a lot of safes that are available and under $ 500.

Manufacturers propose different models with different prices depending on the features. So, it is not impossible to buy a safe on a budget. This article has listed a few features that you may want to have in your future safe and a list of safes under $ 500.

Features To Consider In A Safe 

Locking Mechanism

All safe need to have at least three bolts. Some have all three, but you should consider dismissing some if you want to have one on a budget. It may be controlled by a lock or have a mechanical lock of three-digit or an electronic one.


You should know that not all safes under $ 500 are 100 % fire-proof, if you want a fire-proof one you may need to invest a little more or give up some other features. However, some on a budget safe can resist heat and fire for at least 30 minutes.


As you may already guess, the key is the most basic lock, it is one of the weakest locks as anyone in possession of the key can access your safe. On top of that, the key can easily get lost or stolen. There are various locks, but keys, biometric scanners, and keypads are the most used.

On the other side, the keypad allows you to have a personalized code, and you can change the code whenever you feel like it. Additionally, you can give the code away to people who you trust. One of the most advanced locks is bio-metric, where only saved fingerprints can be used to unlock the safe. One advantage of bio-metric is that you can save more than one fingerprint.

Top Safe Under $ 500

TigerKing Burglary Digital Security Gun Safe

The TigerKing safe has been very successful as it is a good value for money. Its design attracted the audience as it has a unique antique look mixed with a modern design. It is built with solid materials, which also has that expensive finished look.

The safe is very heavy, and whenever you open it, you can feel that the door is heavy, thus adding to that expensive feeling. It also ensures that it won’t be easy to be taken away by thieves.

This safe has a lot of advantages; it is fully carpeted, which means that your good won’t be scratched or torn, especially if you have important documents. Another advantage is that it supports more storage than others on a budget safe. It even has adjustable shelves, so you can part and organize your documents according to your liking.

However, there are some disadvantages to TigerKing, even though the shelves are adjustable they can take up a lot of space that could have been used for storage, but if you do not have many things to store in there this one will be the perfect fit.

black and silver door knob

Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe

The Verifi safe is one of the best on the list. This safe will provide you with a biometric scanner and will remain under $ 500 – isn’t that lovely? If you are used to forgetting a password or losing your keys, this is the perfect match. There is no need for a key or to memorize a password- just insert your fingerprint and you are good to go.

These features make it difficult or can I even say impossible to have access to your safe but in case of a break-in the safe will emit a loud sound. The only disadvantage of this safe is that it is small in size and normally for that size.

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 

The SnapSafe is another model that will last for years and will perform very well so if you want something easy to install but difficult to access this is one of the models you should try.

Keep in mind that this is an ‘under bed’ model so it is flat and normally smaller than some other safe.

Its size can both be considered as an advantage and as a disadvantage, if you are sure you won’t be storing many things you can go for this model.

It is important to have a safe in the house, store money, gun or even personal documents like birth certificates or any other contract that will be difficult to restore if lost. Let us know in the comments if you have a safe at home and for what purpose…


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