Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Home Security Systems

In this modern era, people are becoming more and more concerned about home security. Even the Covid-19 does not make a difference to burglars as they continue to invade homes after homes.

If you want to safeguard your home and your family, here are some common questions on home security systems that we’ve answered for you.

#1. Can a Home Security System Deter Crime?

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When you consider breaking down your bank account for a home security system, the first question that pops up in your mind is whether it’s effective enough to deter crime.

As per several experts, the answer to this question is a huge “Yes!”

Burglaries still remain a worrying concern for many people. And, as research indicates, most burglars invade homes without security systems.

In a study at the University of North Carolina, more than 50 % of the burglars claimed they would look for an alarm system before robbing a house. In another similar study, the FBI reported that home invaders are more likely to move on to another target if they find an alarm system in a house.

I am not saying that your home will be 100 % safe from home intruders and will never be a target, but by installing sturdy locks on your doors and windows, investing in an alarm system and adding a fully integrated monitored camera system, you are reducing the risk of a home invasion.

#2. How Much Does a Security System Cost?

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If money grew on trees, the need to know the cost of a home security system wouldn’t have emerged. Usually, the cost varies depending entirely on the type of home automation you seek.

Some approximate costs of home security system:

  • Monitoring costs: Can be from $5 to $65 per month, making an average of $32 a month.
  • Installation and activation costs: Starting from $0 (as there is no cost with national providers) and can go up to $200.
  • Equipment costs: Can be $350 for basic gear and range from $5 to $400 for individual equipment.
  • Maintenance costs and taxes and permits vary depending on the providers and locations.

For those who think a home security system is not worth the expense, think about the $2661 you can lose in a burglary (statistic given by the FBI in 2019).

#3. Does Posting a Home Security Service Sign Truly Deter Thieves?

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Imagine you are the thief and you come across a house with a warning sign of monitored security. Won’t it scare you off and prevent you from breaking into the house?

Numerous studies have shown that, upon seeing a yard sign or window sticker, burglars will bypass that secured house.

But, what happens when people advertise a lot of alarm and camera signs for security systems that they don’t even have? Well, when no security measures have been implemented, drumming up a little free advertising can prove to be very effective in deterring thieves.

However, if you take a walk around your neighborhood, you will notice the range of security signs displayed on lawns or decals stuck on windows. And, let’s get real: thieves are criminals, not people without brains. Due to the rising popularity of fake security signs, a quick look around your doors and inside your windows will give burglars a hint of whether your warning signs are true or just a bluff.

#4. Can Thieves Break Into a Smart Lock More Easily Than a Traditional Lock?

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If you are a huge fan of heist movies, you would know that industrial burglars are professionals at breaching traditional locks.

When it comes to smart locks, they are supposed to provide a higher level of security. However, it seems that they are indifferent and are vulnerable to hackers and break-ins.

Does that mean you should reject the option of a smart lock?

This question doesn’t depend on us nor on the vulnerabilities of smart and traditional locks but rather on your choice as a homeowner, after weighing down all the advantages and disadvantages of a smart lock.

Expensive or not. 100 % safety guaranteed or not. A home security system is still a prime defense against home invaders. If you don’t want to live a life of paranoia, worrying about the protection of your house, you know what you need to do.






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