The Best Smart Home Security Companies of January 2023

Home security systems are an essential thing needed for a house. There are many reliable companies that offer home security systems, but if you are confused about choosing the right option, here’s a review of one of the best home security companies in the US.

Vivint Smart Home Security & Alarm Systems

Vivint Smart Home Security & Alarm SystemsEstablished in 1999 by Keith Nellesen and Todd Pedersen, Vivint is a famous smart home company based in the United States and Canada. After being bought by The Blackstone Group for $2 billion in 2012, Vivint was then part of a merger and became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.

Vivint was initially created with the aim of helping families live intelligently in safer and smarter homes. The company was established to provide professional home security services to customers and help them customize a system for their unique home, set it up, and show you how to use it.

With smart security system technology and professional products, Vivint consists of monitoring specialists who are always there and ready to respond in an emergency, day or night. Today, backed by better support and smarter technology, Vivint is constantly innovating its products and processes to provide peace of mind for every homeowner and meet the needs of every unique home. Their main purpose is to protect their customers’ homes and keep them connected to their security system, no matter where they are.

So, let’s take a look at company’s main highlights:

  • Vivint is one of the best home security companies in the US because they don’t only record crimes, but also help in preventing them. Their usual and most popular package, for example, includes a doorbell camera that can detect and protect packages, outdoor security cameras that can detect and scare home intruders along with smart locks, lighting, and security sensors.
  • With Vivint, your home security system can be powered with smart solar energy.
  • Customized security systems are also available at affordable prices.

Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews“About two years ago, my home was broken into while I was at work and valuable items were stolen from me. I feel safe now knowing that my home is being monitored by Vivint. I can sleep peacefully knowing that I am safe and secure. My family is protected and so is my home. I can go on vacation and not worry about anything. Thanks to Vivint I can have peace of mind.” –From Loretha. G

“Vivint is an absolutely great system! I have been with Vivint for almost 10 years and they continue to get better every year! I recently had a new install in a house I had moved out of 6 years ago and they came in and updated the entire system for a fraction of what their competitors would have charged. I am an extremely satisfied customer and have been one for almost 10 years now!” –From Alexander. R

“My dad was living on hospice at his home with 24 hr caregivers. I lived 65 miles away and was only able to be with him on weekends because I worked during the week. I installed a camera inside his home and had full access to the living area where he was 24/7 and was also able to monitor the caregivers that were caring for him. He lost his battle with heart failure but I’m glad I was able to have that feature available through Vivint and easily access live video from the app. I could even speak through the app and they could hear me through the camera!” –From Shanell

“Vivint is the WORST. I am not impressed with my Vivint experience and I highly recommend against using them. There were always problems with my electronic dashboard, the equipment kept falling off my door and they wouldn’t come back to fix it and when we lost our jobs during the pandemic they refused to let us out of the contract without paying an EXORBITANT fee. I am so extremely disappointed with this company. This is the first time I have ever left a review but the $1600 I had to pay just to cancel my service was disgusting.” –From Azra


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