Spiritual Home Security System: Are You Really Protected by Man-Made Security Systems?

Two years into the coronavirus pandemic and we’ve all been keeping social distances, wearing facemasks, sanitizing our hands and getting vaccinated, only to protect ourselves from the insecurity that’s epidemic in proportion with the virus.

We live in a dangerous world, where threats to our safety and security are constantly increasing. Airplane was seen as the quickest mode of travel, but today many of us fear being hijacked to some unknown country or colliding in mid-air. It is observed that property crime has increased due to the economic distress and high unemployment rate caused by the pandemic. With the significant rise in home invasions, even the elderly are afraid to be alone in their own house. There’s no denying it; danger is all around us. But, how can you ensure that you and your family are always protected?

The thought of a burglary or any property crime is indeed alarming. This is why security professionals recommend video surveillance cameras, motion-sensitive outdoor lighting, doors with deadbolt mechanisms and high-quality locks, door alarms and interior motion-sensitive detectors. True that these devices can help reduce your chance of a home intrusion, but can they guarantee that you will never become a crime victim?

I am a firm believer and follower of Jesus Christ and I know that man-made home security systems have their importance, but I strongly believe that complete protection can only come from God.

Unfortunately, too many people (including believers) have rejected this spiritual “home protection” notion and have placed their exclusive trust in humanly designed security systems.

If, like them, you also think that a spiritual security system is just a religious nonsense, then take a look at the testimonies below.

Testimony 1 – From India:

Testimony 1 – From India:“It was during August 2014. My sibling was on in a room found on the ground floor of our house and he fell asleep without locking the door, which invited a theft in the middle of the night.

The burglar took my laptop, laptop charger, camera, mouse and my brother’s mobile phone. The total estimate of the stolen items was over US $ 2000.

I’m a Christian and all the sermons of Pastor Joseph Prince were found on my laptop. Everyday, I used to listen to them and they encouraged me whenever I was in real need. These sermons were more valuable than my laptop itself. I was really angry and I wept for three days. I asked my family, friends and pastor to pray so that I could retrieve all the stolen items. Three days later, I got back all the stolen items.

This is what happened: One day, the thief called my sibling and asked him to pick up all the stolen items at a place near our house. The burglar said that he had met with a terrible accident just after stealing out items. Fearing that much worse things could happen to him, he returned back all the stolen items.

I was stunned by this incident. I never expected for such a miracle to happen. God had truly heard my prayers!”

Testimony 2 – From Nigeria:

Testimony 2 – From Nigeria“This incident took place in February; I was sleeping in my room with the windows wide opened. Near the window sill, I had my phone along with my anointing water. A burglar came and stole my expensive Blackberry phone through the window.

However, when I woke up, I found the same burglar sitting by my window with the phone still in his hand. Apparently, he was paralyzed and couldn’t run away right after stealing the phone. It’s amazing how God’s power works even through the anointing water.”

Testimony 3 – From Zambia:

Testimony 3 – From Zambia:“My testimony is about how God is so faithful and good to His children.

One day, I left the window of my house open and a burglar stretched his hand through the open window and stole my handbag which had around 25, 000, 000 Zambian Kwacha, which is as equivalent to $ 5000.

Immediately, I took the anointing sticker a pastor gave me and prayed to God. And, I will never be able to forget that moment when the burglar ran back to my house, threw the handbag on the terrace and sprinted away. When I counted the money, I realized he did not take anything. Praise God!”

These testimonies are proof that while home security systems have their place, only God can guarantee the protection of our home and the safety of our family.



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