Simple Things You Are Doing That Make Your Home A Target For Intruders

You might think that as the pandemic is hitting us hard and “sheltering us in place”, burglary statistics would fall. Actually, the opposite appears to be the case – experts are expecting the same kind of surge in burglaries as experienced in 2020.

However, despite the constant warnings about the dangers of a predicted rise in burglaries, homeowners across the world are not paying enough attention to making sure that their houses are secure against prospective intruders.

The concern comes from some of your habits that can make your home a target for thieves.

#1. Leaving Garbage Cans with Visible Trash

Leaving Garbage Cans with Visible Trash

Cash is obviously the first thing for which all burglars go for. But, guess what comes after?

If I were the modern Adam Worth and spotted thrown-out boxes of an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 on your curb, what do you think would have happened? The obvious!

Throwing away these boxes with their labels clearly displayed would be like sending out invitations to burglars.

I strongly recommend purchasing a low-cost box cutter and devoting the 40 seconds required to break down huge boxes and bundle them together so that their labels are hidden.

#2. Posting Vacation Pics

Posting Vacation Pics

Honestly, I’m tired of repeating the same thing again and again throughout most of my blogs.

I really want to know who are those thrice-blasted idiots who keep on posting their vacation pictures online. Yeah, I get you might earn a lot of likes, “wow” comments from friends and show off to acquaintances how rich and lucky you are to be lazying on some white sandy beach in Mauritius.

However, before posting your beautiful beach selfies, you’ve got to think of your house.

#3. Posting Pictures Of Your Keys Online

Posting Pictures Of Your Keys Online

Oh sweet Lord, what kind of people would do such a stupid thing?

Doddering halfwits, says the Lord!

Posting a nice, warm picture in front of your new house with your spouse and your new sets of keys is becoming increasingly common for new homeowners. On the other side, this same picture represents an opportunity for burglars to zero in the pic and replicate the key.

#4. Leaving Expensive Things In Sight

Leaving Expensive Things In Sight

Last year, in Maumee, Ohio, there was a break-in and video footage from the home security camera showed that the theft took less than 30 seconds.

The burglar was not Flash; he just had all the valuable items in plain sight and knew exactly how to get to them.

This is why the police department always advises people against leaving expensive stuff in the view from outside.

How about hiding your valuables in secret places of your own house?

#5. Leaving Lights Off

Leaving Lights Off

You’re getting ready to depart for a night out with your buddies. You turn off all of the lights in the home. It’s now completely dark. As you go out the door, you notice your neighbor’s lights poking through the windows. You come to a halt and wonder: Is it feasible for a thief to prefer my dark house over my neighbor’s light residence?

I can’t speak for all thieves, but I’m sure some of them assume that if the lights are turned out, the homeowners are either not home or asleep.

If you don’t want your house to be the next target, keep the porch and garage lights turned on. Motion sensor lights may also be installed in all entrances and pathways.

#6. Leaving Toys In The Yard

Leaving Toys In The Yard

It simply means there are children in the house, which makes homeowners more vulnerable and needless to say how burglars just love to exploit this vulnerability.


So, if you want to keep your home safe and secure, avoid such habits!


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