4 of the Most Common Group of Objects Stolen in Homes

Caution should be the keyword in any prevention against theft attempt. No one is completely safe, neither inside nor outside their home or business, so it is important to have a series of recommendations in each case, which includes the protection of various objects. Especially the objects that thieves tend to like the most during an intrusion into a house.

Of course, not all thefts are the result of planning or prior study, but what is true is that in 99% of cases, the most sought after objects during intrusions are always the same. The value of the objects to be stolen is obviously the main reason, so the higher the cost of appliances, equipment or jewelry, the greater the likelihood that they will be in the theft.

But what are the objects most sought after by thieves? Why do they do it? And how to avoid loss before any theft in our home? Let’s see how we can clarify some of your concerns.

What Can We Do to Protect Our Items from Being Stolen in Our Homes?

It is very common to assume that the current economic situation is, in part, the cause of the increase in thefts from homes, but the reality is that crime has always existed, but given the advancement in the techniques of thieves, the best solution is to apply measures that help us minimize losses, in case we cannot prevent them from entering our home.

tips to prevent the theft
Let’s see some tips to prevent the theft of some valuables in our home:
– Place an alarm in the house always looking for the most qualified professionals.
– Have a safe to place the most valuable objects.
– Keep our documentation in places that are not easily accessible or difficult to locate for strangers.
– Install and use security apps on our electronic devices.
– Our social networks should not expose our belongings or possessions.
– Improve security at home entrances.
– Valuables should never be left in plain sight.
– Do not allow strangers to visit our home.
What are the 4 main items they steal from homes?
Although in home burglary the items to be taken by thieves do not exclude anything, there are even cases where even food has been taken, mainly there are 4 main valuable items that are not excluded from their list; money, jewelry, documents and electronic equipment, let’s see why.

Money: This is logically the main reason for a robbery, getting money either from inside drawers, wallets or safes, or by selling the stolen items when the house is stormed, is the main reason for robberies in homes or houses. In addition to being easy to hide, money has the particularity of being unverifiable and impossible to trace from where it was obtained. Thus, when a criminal is arrested and has only money on him, he is likely to be released.

Jewelry is a treasure in every home

Jewelry is a treasure in every home: It is highly sought after by thieves when they break into a home. Because it is so valuable, easy to transport and there is a large market for it, it becomes one of the main targets of burglars, along with money. It is very easy to find gold clothing, gems, rings, silver necklaces for sale.

Documentation: Visa, passport, ID card, bank documents, driver’s license, are sought by more skilled criminals or those with a wider range of crimes. Because of the high value they can have on the black market, stealing documents from houses is considered by experienced criminals as a way to get money, in large quantities and quickly.

Electronic devices: Smartphone, tablets and laptops, are some of the electronic devices preferred by thieves when stealing from a house, due to the little protection or security they have, and like money and jewelry, they are easily sold, if we add that they can usually be located throughout the house without problems, they become a target always in mind. With regard to electronic equipment, the complication may arise when they are bulky, otherwise their transport is relatively easy.

If those were the main objects stolen by criminal, there are no belongings that can never be taken from thieves. So, to be on the safer side, use the prevention tips mentioned above to prevent the theft of your valuables.
What security system do you use at home? We would love to read from you so don’t forget to share this with us in the comments below.

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