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Kitchen Safety Tips

What Type Of Fire Extinguisher For What Type Of Fire?

A fire extinguisher is a very important device that you must have at home. In accordance with safety rules and measures, many companies are also equipped with this important device. But what is a fire extinguisher? What is it used for? What are the different types of extinguishers that exist? What type of fire extinguisher …


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: Owner or Tenant?

It is important to have certain equipment in your home to prevent the risk of fire. The law stipulates that every homeowner must equip the common areas with security lighting, fire plan, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, etc. The question is, who should maintain these safety equipments in the rented areas between the owner and the …

How to prevent a house fire?

How to Prevent a House Fire?

Losing your home to a fire is a scary thought, but there’s plenty you can do to prevent fires from starting. And while accidents happen, you can learn how to avoid a fire from starting and spreading through your home. Check Your Smoke Detectors Fire and smoke detectors are your first line of defense against …