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Safety Reflexes in the Event of Fire

How Can You Ensure Safety in the Event of a Home Fire?

In the serene confines of our homes, the spectre of a fire can abruptly disrupt our peace. However, for Canadian households, preparedness is not just a choice; it’s a way of life. This comprehensive guide explores the crucial safety reflexes necessary in the event of a home fire, providing a detailed blueprint for safeguarding lives …

Safety Reflexes in the Event of Fire

Safety Reflexes in the Event of Fire

  Safety Reflexes in the Event of Fire   If you notice a fire, call the emergency services immediately! It is not always easy to know how to react in an emergency. Here is what to do in case of fire and toxic cloud. Fire: an immediate danger for the occupants Fire spreads rapidly and …


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: Owner or Tenant?

It is important to have certain equipment in your home to prevent the risk of fire. The law stipulates that every homeowner must equip the common areas with security lighting, fire plan, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, etc. The question is, who should maintain these safety equipments in the rented areas between the owner and the …